Alexandru S.

Database Developer

445 dollar
11 ans
Bucarest, ROUMANIE

Mon expérience

ToptalAugust 2017 - Présent

INGApril 2018 - Présent

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Ipsos Interactive ServicesJune 2016 - April 2018

Senior SQL Programmer. Working on 3TB's + DB's

Daily tasks include query redesign, performance tunning(plans,stats,indexes,locks,tracers),
DML/DDL/DCL(tables,indexes,views,stored procedures,triggers,jobs).

Very familiar with dynamic SQL(and it's dangers).
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PGS SOFA & COSeptember 2013 - June 2016

During this time period i worked as a VBA/SQL developer.
VBA: wrote apps for various departments such as logistics, hr, production, controlling, accounting etc. . The VBA code implied excel Forms, flat file exports, inserting data into a SQL Server DB, hard-copy prints, warehouse stock analysis etc.
I was tasked with maintaing the Reporting Server. It ran a SQL Server 2008R2 Standard edition. Wrote reports that used add-hock queries, views, stored procedures, jobs, SSRS, Power BI.
As far as SQL Server Reporting Services goes i used it a lot of times, as most of the presentation to the end user was done via it. Mostly i created reports with hard-coded SQL, but i am not a stranger to SSRS reports that trigger stored procedures on a click.
Successfully implemented a DW. Advanced knowledge of SSIS.
Other tasks i used to ran on the reporting server were database maintenance tasks such as index and statistics maintenance
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Plexus Corp.February 2011 - September 2013

Worked a lot with excel, especially VBA. Developed various apps to track various warehouse
dependent tasks. I wrote an app that toked a 4 hours data entry process to a 4 minute one. Before it
implied a 67% chance of human error. After it implied a 5% chance a human error(sometimes the

user did not click on the right button). Worked with JD Edwards ERP.

Mes compétences


Data analysis

Computer Tools

MS Office


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL



Business Intelligence

SSRS, SSIS, Data Warehouse

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's degree - Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services - Oradea University2006 - 2009