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Clare.aiMarch 2021 - Présent

• Achieve 99.5% uptime
• Design a highly available, Scalable isolated Multi-tenant architecture on GKE
• Create custom helm packages for the platform (helm chart)
• Write shell scripts for automation 
• Cost Optimization
• Log Analysis (Stackdriver)
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Teamie India Pvt LtdOctober 2018 - February 2021


* Achieve 99.5% uptime

* Optimise resource utilization & reduce billing (20-25% reduction of monthly bill)

* Redesign a highly available, Scalable, Elastic, Fault tolerant and Secure Infrastructure

* Upgrade and rebuild application environments

* Design and migrate monolithic architecture to microservice

* Design and deploy microservice application (Docker, compose, ECS, Lambda)

* Monitor Infrastructure (Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, SNS, NewRelic, kibana)

* Log analysis (Logentries/ Rapid7 Insight Ops, Cloudwatch logs, Elastic search, Kibana)

* Scripts for automation (Shell scripting)

* Design and build CI/CD pipeline (Bitbucket pipeline, Github Actions, Jenkins)

* Enhance system security (Nginx/Apache server hardening)

* Infrastructure security implementation (AWS WAF, GuardDuty, Security groups, Security hub)

* Configuration management (Ansible)

* Infrastructure as a code (Cloudformation)

* Load testing, performance enhancement (Jmeter, apache benchmarking)
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Testrigor IncDecember 2017 - August 2018


* Managing test and production Linux and MAC servers on AWS and other hosting service provider

* Writing shell script for automation.

* Containerizing E-commerce services with docker containers. (example of work )

* Building node API for project

Mes compétences

Troubleshooting, Shell Scripting, Redis, Nginx, MySQL, Load testing, Linux, Kubernetes, Kibana, JMeter, Jira, Jenkins, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), GitHub, Git, Firewalls, ElasticSearch, EKS, Docker Compose, Docker, CCNA, Bitbucket, Apache Web Server, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Web Services