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remortgage onlineJanuary 2019 - Présent

Publicis Sapient London,
Home hub allows the user to apply for remortgage online through the platform provided. With this platform, user can apply online at your own pace without any advice.

* Creating and Managing Highly Resilient Apigee Private Cloud
backed with AWS Infrastructure.

* Installation and Configuration different components of Apigee
Edge Private Cloud Apigee and establishing inter communication.

* Implemented Monitoring Solution with ELK stack for Apigee
specific components.

* Worked to setup the Apigee Proxies, Routes to enable the
communication with backend API.

* Built logically separated Apigee Environment for journeys to
setup and deploy their own proxies on different environment.

* Create and maintain fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code
deployment using Jenkins / BuildKite and Bash

* Worked on Kubernetes clusters and helm

* Worked on Terraform, Ansible for platform automation &
Hashicorp Vault for configuration and secrets.

* Design, Architect and Implement Enterprise architecture
solutions on AWS Cloud

* Designing and developing the backend services written in .Net
Core and integrating them with Apigee.

* Managing and creating Kubernetes objects with
containerization of applications.

SapientNovember 2014 - December 2018

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Syscom Corporation LtdJanuary 2010 - June 2013

The project helps the user to make a virtual SIM (GUI) on their system with the help of which the user can perform different operations on it like editing, placing content on the card and finally send the card for printing, where the user will get the same result as generated at the developers end. The project facilitates the user to Create a virtual card on their end and apply artwork and data object on the card. A profile is being generated from the card and is sent to the production team for real printing.

* Designing the initial prototype designs and sharing with the clients.

* Developing the application as per the stories and backlog items being created.

* Creating Automation Scripts for getting web sites on to
the shared servers for several Environments.

* Contributing to post implementation reviews helping to
make the code better and more optimized.

* Performance Tuning of SQL Application in order to run queries under defined SLA.

* Ensuring that all software developed within your team satisfies the business requirements as

Mes compétences

Terraform, SonarQube, Shell Scripting, PowerShell, Kubernetes, Kibana, Jenkins, Elastic Stack, Ansible, Amazon Web Services (AWS), .NET Core