Florin S.


446 euro
7 ans
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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P4b CompanyJanuary 2018 - Présent

Responsibilities: •Implementing new features of the application•Ensuring high performance on mobile and desktop•Workingon bug fixing and improving application performance•Backend integration•Architecture adjustment•Refactoring the entire project •Daily discussions with customersAchievements:•Integrated   Angular   Lazy   Loading   feature   and increasedthe application performanceby 30%•Contributed  on  making  the  application responsiveonmobiledevices•Refactored the entire components of the application by removing Angular Materialand replacingit with Bootstrap 4 which made the application smoother•Cooperating  with  the  back-end  developers  in  the  process  of building the RESTful API•Collaboratingwith  team  members  to  analyze,  design  and  ship new features•Participate  actively  in  discussions,  ations  and  decision taking about front-end development
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MHP –A PORSCHE COMPANYSeptember 2015 - January 2018

Responsibilities: •Helped on migrating the core functionalities to microservices•Scrum Master role•Experience    in    working    with    AGILE    based    development environment and participating in Scrum Sessions, Sprint Planning and Business gathering sessions•Documentedall changes in Confluence•Workedon bug fixing and improving application performance•Deployedapplication on different servers•Helped on expanding the application on new markets•Tested microservices with SoapUI•Developed  a  full  responsive  web  application  from  scratch  on client driven requirements and design document•Participatedactively in daily meetings•Integration with backend•Developed test cases to maintain the code quality •Consulted and documented UI best practices and code standardsAchievements:•Managed   to migrateall   the corefunctionalitiesof   the application to   microservicesand   created   an   interface   in administrator app to test them•Expanding application on2 new markets(countries)•As Scrum   MasterI’ve moderateddailymeetings, Sprint Planningand Sprint   Retrospective(The   first   time   when   I prepared  a  Sprint  Retrospective  I  was complimented  by my managerbecause  my  colleagues  were  very  happy  with  my approach)•Experience in working with software development tools used by agile teams –JIRA•Developed the habit of writing well-documented, clear and hence maintainable code

Mes compétences

Webpack.js, TypeScript, Tortoise, Teamwork, Scrum, Sass, REST API, Responsive Design, Node.js, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Git, Enterprise Project Management, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular 2, Angular, Agile Methodology