Nicholas F.

Front End Developer

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3 ans

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Self EmployedJanuary 2019 - Présent

Technical Projects:


-React.js/Redux app with IBM Watson integration to support clients in finding low cost mental-health solutions.
-Utilized React/Redux to create a modular front-end design.
-Navigated NYC resources to pull data from APIs in order to populate user-side data.
-Normalized API data for accessibility, including mobile-friendly layout and Google Maps integration.
-Integrated IBM Watson, building routes for a simple but powerful digital assistant.


Learn.Code or Die.Trying:
-Interactive JavaScript game where students exercise their “brain power” to learn new coding languages.
-Architected an interactive game in the vein of Flappy Bird, learning and implementing the p5.js library.
-Utilized a Rails backend to store user scores and to generate “language gems” with dynamic point values.
-Refactored long first-draft code into class-based, object-oriented ES7 notation programming.
-Employed pair-programming team techniques to push my partner and myself to create our best work.


Calm With Woofers:
-An elegant React.js app that shows users cute pictures of dogs, saves dogs to their personal lists and categorize them.
-Utilized functional and class components in React.js to render a site dynamically based on user input.
-Created a Rails API that pulled from the API in order to seed the database for the app.
-Executed the Tachyons modular CSS framework in under a week, in addition to custom CSS.
-Forged a UI interface that allowed users a continuous experience of wonderful dogs.

Mes compétences


Ruby on Rails, Ruby, JavaScript


Final Cut Pro


React, JS


Node.js, Redux



Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Fine Arts - BFA, Cinematography and Film/Video Production - New York University

Fullstack Developer, Web Development - Flatiron School