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SABA EEG & OIMGC & Pasargad Energy Development Co (PEDC) & Damavand Power Generation Management Co ( ContractSeptember 2018 - Présent

SABA-EEG, OIMGC, PEDC, and DPGMCO own almost 20 power plants that trade electricity in Iran Electricity Whole Market.
• Developing Server/Client ReQo application, a too big object-oriented C++ based application for databasing, billing, optimal bidding, availability forecasting, data validation, data analysis, and controlling all power plant transactions.
• This application is being developed in Qt platform.
• Uses LibXL library for fast processing large Excel files and passing data to remote and local MySQL and SQLite databases.
• Encrypts data to guarantee privacy and security.
• Developing a Qt Web Engine based spider (web scraping) application to gather all required data (such as electricity prices) from certain websites.
Skills: Object-oriented C++ (Qt Cross-platform Environment), QPython, MySQL, SQLite, LibXL, Qt Web Engine, VBA, Artificial Intelligence.
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SABA Electricity and Energy Group & Omid Investment Management Group CoDecember 2017 - January 2019

SABA-EEG and OIMGC are two of the largest holding companies in Iran, which own more than 10 large thermal power plants.
• Developed Server/Client VB.Net based OTMS (Online Temperature Monitoring System) application for real-time monitoring all power plants temperature, pressure, wind, and humidity sensors.
• This application monitors sensors simultaneously and sends alarms to users via SMS and Email.
• Designed and implemented powerful MySQL and SQLite databases to store all data .
• Developed Selenium-based spider application to collect climate forecast data from,, and websites and increase power plants availability revenue by using Artificial Intelligence techniques.
• This application is currently used by more than 10 power plants.
Skills: VB.Net, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Selenium, QPython, C++, Artificial Intelligence
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Niroo Research InstituteMay 2016 - March 2018

NRI is the R&D branch of Iran Ministry of Power.
• Documented Iran Ministry of Power rules on thermal and renewable power plants as an electronic book by using VB.Net and MySQL database manager system.
• Developed gPAT (Generation Project Assessment Tool) engineering-economic application for assessing power plant construction and development projects from an economic aspect by using VB.Net.
• Developed a Selenium-based spider application to dynamically search through world’s main renewable assets production companies and form a database of all products info.
Skills: VB.Net, MySQL, Selenium, VBA, COMFAR
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IGMCApril 2013 - December 2015

IGMC is the head manager of Iran electricity grid.
• Developed five combined C++ (Qt Cross-platform Environment), VBA, and DPL based applications to allocate network costs to all customers and power plants.
• Developed C++ based applications to calculate power loss coefficients in all generation, demand, and switching buses of an electricity grid.
• Developed an application to assess transmission expansion candidates from an economic point of view.
Skills: Object-oriented C++, VBA, DPL

Mes compétences


Web Scraping, Problem Solving, Artificial Intelligence, Teamwork


CSS, JavaScript, QML, XML, Python, HTML, Matlab, VB.NET, C++, VBA


MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite


Software Engineering, Matlab Simulink

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology, Agile, Selenium

Software testing

Selenium WebDriver

Computer Tools

Microsoft Office Pack, Microsoft Excel

IT Infrastructure


Environment of Development

Qt Creator



Mes études et formations

Bachelors Degree, Electrical Engineering - Isfahan University of Technology2012 - 2015

- Shiraz University2008 - 2012