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BitgarAugust 2018 - February 2020

1. Multi-server application.

The project is divided on two modules. Client module and module for administration, communication and collecting data from sensors. The project is installed on n servers. One master server and n slave servers. The reason of using the master-slave architecture is the frequent writing to databases by n sensors. The slave servers are used only for writing and storing the history from the sensors. The master server is used for administration. Users have UI and can manage the project. The communication between the servers is through API. I took part in developing the admin module, customer module and invoice module. I created functionality for sms and email notifications. I have added database replication from master server to slave servers. I worked on API functionality. I have added a bare git repository on the master server. When changes are pushed to master server a bash script runs checkout of the repository to the www folder. That is how we add new functionality automatically. Also this bash script pushes changes to all slave servers. I did a cron job which runs console controller for automatic invoice generation..

Used technologies:

AJAX, jQuery, bootstrap 3, SVN, Mantis ( project tracking), Yii2, Luya, MySQL, Cron job, Git, React, PHP.

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Celtis LtdSeptember 2015 - January 2017


1. Banks This is an application for parsing different bank formats like MT 940. It is used by accountants.
I took part at creating some of the parsers.

Used technologies: jQuery, MSSQL, MYSQL, regular expressions, SVN, Yii1,

2. Leaves

Project for monitoring workers leaves. I integrated google calendar api for fetching the official holidays. Also implemented the holiday calculator which counts the workers vacation days. I used PHPExcel
for generating an excel document containing information which workers had leaves and how many hours they worked for the month.

Used technologies: AJAX, jQuery, css, html, SVN, Redmine ( project tracking), Yii2, MySQL, PHPExcel, git, wkhtmltopdf, mpdf, phpMailer


Project for hiring workers and monitoring how much hours they spend at work.
Most of the work was adding new functionality or fixing old bugs.
I added functionality for check combination. When worker works on different construction sights but on the same project their checks are combined.
I also implemented invoice generation, timesheet generation and other functionalities that were required at the time.
I worked with different pdf libraries like wkhtmltopdf, mpdf.

Used technologies: AJAX, jQuery, css, html, SVN, Redmine ( project tracking), Yii1, MySQL, PHPExcel, git, wkhtmltopdf, mpdf, phpMailer
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Mind SolutionsJuly 2015 - August 2015


1. Medical University of Pleven.

The application is used for managing students, teachers and generating export files for the ministry of education. The project was built with a custom framework, so the first stage was to rewrite the old functionality using Yii2 framework. I took part in rewriting the students module , teachers module and different admins modules. Most of the work I’ve done as freelancer and then the company decided to hire me.

Used technologies: AJAX, jQuery, bootstrap 3, SVN, Mantis ( project tracking), Yii2, MySQL, PHPExcel.

Mes compétences


Project Management, PHPExcel, API, Mantis



Software testing




IT Infrastructure





Yii1, React.js, Socket.IO, Yii2


AJAX, jQuery

Environment of Development

Visual Studio


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MySQL 14.14, Redis

Analysis methods and tools

Dependency Injection

Mes études et formations

Masters Degree, Informatics, Computer, Multimedia - St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo2016 - 2018