Abdullah H.


88 dollar
5 ans
Cairo, EGYPT

Mon expérience

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Etisalat MisrDecember 2017 - Présent

o Java Monitoring Tool (JMT)

* Designed and implemented the DB of the engine.

* Implemented engine capable of handling Schedule Jobs

* Develop Load Balancer, Retry, Notification, Reporting mechanisms of the engine.

* Manage the jobs by Monitoring and access the services.

* Developed Restful controller web service.

* Eclipse, JAVA 8, Spring Boot, Oracle, MySQL, Docker, Eureka, Jenkins.
o Loyalty System Prepaid

* Created the architecture for the new prepaid loyalty system.

* Designed and implemented the DB of the new system.

* Implemented multithreaded engine capable of handling four millions transactions per twenty minutes.

* Develop Retry mechanism and reporting jobs of the engine.

* Developed PL SQL scripts, stored procedures and DB jobs.

* Developed a SOAP controller web service.

* Exception handling.

* Eclipse, JAVA 8, Hibernate, Oracle, MySQL, WildFly AS, EJP, angular.
o More Plus

* Created an architecture for a new System replacing Marginto System.

* Design / implement the DB of the System.

* Session management.

* Designed and implemented an algorithm to generate random token

* Developed SOAP/ REST web services.

* Exception handling.

* Eclipse, java8, Hibernate, Oracle, MySQL, WildFly AS, EJP, angular.

o Loyalty System Postpaid

* Developed JSF as the View and EJB as model.

* Implemented DAO and DTO layers using JDBC for database access.

* Developed PL SQL scripts and stored procedures.

* Mapping of the JAVA object with database by Hibernate as ORM Framework.

* Develop new Services with high Performance.

* Developed Timers Service to scheduled applications.

* Develop SP to Auto Investigation in bill cycle Revamp Environment:

* Java 1.6, J2EE 1.6, JDBC, Eclipse, Hibernate, Oracle, MySQL, WildFly
Application Server, EJP.
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Saladin teamOctober 2013 - March 2014

* Developed backend APIs for android applications. Environment:

* MySQL, Java 1.7, Tomcat, Centos 6, android, php. Award:

* 4th place in Hack4Mobile Hackathon sponsored by TIEC.

Mes compétences

XML, XHTML, Web Services, Time Management, SQL, Spring Boot, SOAP, RHEL, REST, Problem Solving, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Application Server, Oracle, MySQL, MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, Jenkins, JDBC, JavaServer Faces, JavaScript, Java Technologies, Java, HTML, Hibernate, Eclipse IDE, Docker, CentOS, API, Android