Tara Z.


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5 ans

Mon expérience

UBISOFT MontpellierMay 2020 - Présent

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Toolz, FreelanceAugust 2018 - May 2020

Toolz develops interactive applications dedicated to urban planning and architecture on a range of devices (Pc, Mac, IOS, Android, VR, AR, Web).

Front and Back end development :
- Proof of concept/Prototyping, Conception
- Research and development (DOTS : Data Oriented Technology Stack on Unity)
- Functional and technical specifications
- Development and integration
- Debugging and Optimisation

Worked for serveral urban actors such as : Paris la Défense, DiRIF (direction des routes Île-de-France), Ville de Bordeaux, Marie de Bagneux, Mairie de Toulouse...

Unity3D, C#, PHP, MySql
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ActimageFebruary 2018 - July 2018

For this end of study internship, I worked for a healthcare web and mobile application. The goal of this application is to help nurses (that do home healthcare) and planner (that organise turns for nurses) in their daily work routine with web and mobile applications.

Here are my following missions during my internship :
- Comparative Studies and Software design
- Functional and technical specifications
- Development and integration
- Tests and validation
- Competitive analyses
- Activity monitoring and reporting

Knowledge / Skills developed:
- Analyzing and modeling
- IT Skills (Ionic, Angular 2, Java, NoSQL with CouchDB mainly)
- Project Management Methodology
- ation and communication

Environment: Project Management and Software Development
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Gfi InformatiqueJune 2017 - August 2017

Contribution to a Telecom API offer
- Study of Telecom API
- Review of TMF current standards and Telecom operators' market demands
- Comparison of a selection of API gateway products from the market (Apigee, ws02 ...)
- API Management testing

My mission was to understand the role of Telecom API in the company and then to study and TMF current standards and best practices for developping Telecom API. I also did a comparison of a selection of API Managements product and different architectures that could be implemented as part of a Telecom API offer from the company.

Environment: Research and Development
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ZTE FRANCE SASUJune 2015 - July 2015

Acknowledgement of the Telecom Market :

My first mission was to understand the Telecom Market but also knowing about ZTE and ZTE soft. Then I had to analyse ZSmart, the billing system provided by ZTEsoft to finally do a case Study about JBilling, an open source billing system. At the end of my internship, I ed 30 minutes ation in English of what I understand during my stay in front of ZTEsoft presales team : http://prezi.com/pa9tx09ttiul/internship-final-ation/

Mes compétences

Visual Studio, Unity 3D, Python, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, JavaScript, Java EE, Java, HTML, GitHub, Git, CSS, C/C++, C#, Blender, Audacity, Arduino, Angular