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International FreelanceJune 2019 - January 2020

■  Context

Working on my own continuously and keeping on gaining new skills to be fully operational on new projects

■  Multiple Projects in progress

Creating an e-commerce website from scratch
Creating the website Angimmo from scratch
Developing a mobile application in progress
Gaining new skills by participating to 3 formations : +90hours of content
Learned recently : GraphQL, React Hooks, TypeScript, Creating authentification from scratch
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Warren WalterNovember 2018 - April 2019

1/ Developed the new version of the Pimp My App project which was built primary with Wordpress
Link  :

■ Work done :
Erased completely the previous work
Developed the website from scratch
Implemented design in collaboration with an UX/UI Designer
Added new features to the website Conducted the project
■ Results achieved :
Successful mission : the website is actually available on the web
Managed a team of two developers
Advised the CEOs concerning the stack to use for this project

■ Tools
Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Slack - Git
■ Stack
Angular 7 - Nodejs + Express + MongoDB

Second project
Created from scratch a mobile application for the CEO’s purpose during his travels

■ Work done :
Developed the mobile application Implemented design in collaboration with an UX/UI Designer Working with RESTFul APIs Conducted meetings with the CEO to understand the needing Developing the algorithms for the filters
■ Results achieved :
Successful mission : the CEO is currently using the application
Good exchanges with an IOS developer to finalize the application
Gaining new skills especially about developing mobile applications
■ Tools
Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Slack - Git - Android Studio - Zeplin
■ Stack
Ionic - React
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Teemo - The Drive-to-Store Marketing Platform, FreelanceJune 2018 - September 2018

In collaboration with a web agency based in Dubaï, I made the migration of the Teemo's website.
They wanted to be more effecient at communication to the intern's teams and to the public so they asked me to rebuild the back-end

■ Responsibilities
Refactored the back end of the website of the startup TEEMO with new modules installed
Redesigned the technical communication part
HTML/CSS Integration

■ Tools
CMS Wordpress

■ Stack
HTML5 - CSS3 - Javascript - PHP
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International FreelanceSeptember 2017 - June 2018

Created an apartment booking website

■ Features
Book a reservation
Using a calendar
Show total price
Used Google APIs
Created User Registration, OAuth authentification

■ Tools

■ Stack
Ruby on rails
PostgreSQL Database
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CapgeminiJanuary 2017 - September 2017

■ Responsibilities
Redesigned of all invoices arriving from airports around the world
Responsible for scheduling meetings and reports
Bug management during technical discussions with external services

Redesigned 20 billing's templates
Added new features to the actual parsing of input data
Provided IT advices to the Indian Team responsible for the input data
Delivered the monthly production
Resolved graphical and data parsing issues
Worked closely with the CEO based in Switzerland

■ Tools
Oracle Database

■ Stack
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CapgeminiMay 2016 - January 2017

■ Responsibilities
Developed integrations tests for an hybrid application with mocha
Developed automation tests with the framework test Appium
Added new features to the application
Worked alone remotely with the development teams in Spain

■ Tools
Android Studio

■ Stack

Mes compétences

Zeplin, WordPress, Visual Studio Code, Vanilla JS, UX Design, UI Design, TypeScript, Slack, Selenium, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, React.js, PostgreSQL, PHP, Oracle, Node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, Ionic, InDesign, HTML5, HTML, Heroku, GraphQL, Git, Express.js, Express, CSS3, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, AWS, Atom, Appium, AngularJS, Angular 7, Android Studio, Agile