Younes B.


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12 ans

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Confidential, FreelanceJuly 2021 - October 2021

Environnement technique :

• React Native, Expo, GraphQL (Apollo), Redux

• Node.js (Nest.js), Firebase, PostgreSQL (Prisma)

• TypeScript, AWS, Bitbucket, Jest, Docker

Product & UX Design et Développements pour une startup dans le domaine du tourisme. Exemples de problématiques abordées :

• Réplication partielle d’un Chat avancé comme Whatsapp

• Vérification de profils à l’aide de Machine Learning (AWS Rekognition)
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ELPEV FreelanceMarch 2021 - July 2021

Environnement technique :

• React, GraphQL (Apollo), Redux, Emotion.css, Material UI

• Node.js (Nest.js), MongoDB (Mongoose), PostgreSQL (Prisma), Redis

• TypeScript, AWS, Bitbucket, Jest, Docker

Mission en tant que Lead Developer (en binôme) pour :

• Faciliter et accélérer le travail des développeurs juniors majoritaires dans l’équipe de 8 personnes, en étudiant/mettant en place de bonnes pratiques, et en les assistant (pair programming, code reviews).

• Réfléchir et implémenter des points d’architecture complexes en amont pour mutualiser les développements de fonctionnalités (endpoints GraphQL et composants React communs, recherche et adoption de librairies).

Exemples de problématiques abordées :

• Revue de la structure de données (MongoDB) pour les besoins métiers et performances (referencing, query optimization)

• Adoption d’Emotion.css et écriture de styles communs à plusieurs composants React afin de faciliter l’intégration pixel-perfect des maquettes Figma.

• Introduction d’une surcouche Redux (easy-peasy) pour la gestion d’un state local complexe (fonctionnalité à la Illustrator).

Christian Dior CoutureOctober 2020 - February 2021

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The KooplesJuly 2019 - March 2020

TheKooples is a ready-to-wear company employing nearly 1,200 people.

As users are familiar with e-commerce mobile applications, we wanted to bring a similar experience to the TheKooples site.

To achieve this result, I was asked to introduce React and Single-Page-Application (SPA) features on the new version of the site redone on Magento 2.0 and without waiting for the official Magento React / SPA brick, which is still unstable and incomplete. .

Result: 25% more Product pages visited since this feature went into production.

Link to consult:

Content of the assignment:

• Architecture and development of the React / SPA / Bootstrap brick and its integration in the form of a Magento module

• Appropriation of major features of Magento in a few weeks due to my solid experience in PHP.

• Training of Magento Frontend experts on React and the reappropriation of this architecture.

• Taking initiatives regarding the user experience and setting up AB-Tests.

• Google Tag Manager: installation of more than 100 tags and structuring according to a nomenclature.

Technical environment:

• React, Redux, Bootstrap, Jest

• Magento 2.0 (PHP7), Magento Cloud

• Docker, RabbitMQ, Jenkins (Continuous Integration / Deployment)
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FORMETRISApril 2018 - July 2019

ForMetris specializes in evaluating the effectiveness of training: their SAAS allows many large accounts to survey their employees and thus draw up KPIs for their managers.

Initially involved in a client project, I was brought to work as a Lead Frontend on the graphic and interactional redesign, partial or complete, of all the products. This teamwork had a major impact on the acquisition of new customers.

• Lead on React Frontend technical choices (architecture, practices, Web API) and UX (studies, mock-up)

• In charge of rewriting Questionnaires: increase in the response rate of thousands of users thanks to an interface inspired by the best solutions on the market.

• Modernization of the Backend Legacy and design of the API Web

• Design and Development of prototypes with the CEO of the company and customer pilot projects.

• Participation in the improvement of Agile / SCRUM processes (drafting of US under JIRA)

Technical environment:

• React, Redux, Material UI, Bootstrap, Jest, Puppeeter

• PHP, Doctrine, Slim Framework

• Docker, Atlassian Bamboo (Continuous Integration / Deployment).
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Self-employedJanuary 2009 - January 2019

► Yoda
Monitoring software relying on social networks, scraping and NLP (natural language processing). Project is now open-source:

• Daily scraping of hundreds of pages and data cleansing.
• Content classification thanks to NLP: created a large document corpus resulting in a 90% classification success rate.

Monito is a fintech startup which raised 400K euros in 2015. I was in charge of developing the first version of the website and integrating the webmarketing strategy (SEO, Google Analytics API and A/B testing).

► Others
• Native Android application: (Lien Play Store)(

Technical stack: Android, Backend Laravel, Python, Flash RTMFP
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MNTMarch 2018 - March 2018

Development of functionalities for a high traffic portal.

• Design and maintenance under React / Redux / ES6 of reusable components.

• Isomorphic approach with Next.js (Node.js).

• Organizational tools: Scrum, Trello, Pair Programming
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TOTALSeptember 2016 - October 2017

Total is one of the 7 biggest oil companies in the world. In charge of digital project management in multiple business areas (marketing, sales, IT, human resources, data science etc.). Thousands of targeted employees across 12 web and mobile applications that I conceived during this period.
• Teaching Agile & Lean practices to clients.

• Support on defining business needs: leading Story Mapping workshops, user flows (sketchs/wireframing) and MVP/Roadmap proposals.

• Feasibility studies and solutions benchmarking.

• Coordinate different stakeholders: business owners, web developers and UX designers.

• Product Ownership: backlog write, prioritization and functional/acceptance testing (via TargetProcess).

Technical stack : PHP Laravel, Angular1 & 2, Ionic.
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FreelanceFebruary 2013 - August 2016

• Management and development of dozens of projects: web applications & CMS powered sites for web agencies, SMB and startups, all ahead of schedule and within budget.

• Support on defining requirements & user experience proposals (sketchs/wireframing).

• Quotes/business proposals writing.

• Pushed teams onto new & efficient web tools and coding practices.

• Other: SEO improvements, Webdesign implementations.

Technical Stack: PHP Laravel/Symfony 3, Node.js, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Front React/Angular1/Backbone, Wordpress, Ubuntu Server, Bootstrap3
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CIRADMay 2010 - December 2012

CIRAD is a French research centre working with developing countries to tackle international agricultural and development issues.

• Web Backend/Frontend & GIS (geographic information system) developments.
• Refactor and standardize existing technical architectures.

• Became later responsible for the technical choices within my team.

• Scientific paper co-author:

Technical Stack: PHP, PostGIS, OpenLayers, ExtJS, ArcGIS.

Mes compétences

WordPress, User Acceptance Testing, Ubuntu, TypeScript, Trello, Symfony, Salesforce, Redis, React.js, React Native, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PHP, OpenLayers, Node.js, NestJS, MySQL, Mongoose, MongoDB, MaterialUI, Magento, Laravel, Jira, Jest, JavaScript, HTML, GraphQL, Firebase, Ext JS, Expo, Docker, Bootstrap, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, AWS, ArcGis, Apollo, AngularJS, Android, Agile Methodology, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator