Rafik D.


402 dollar
4 ans
Rennes, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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-November 2018 - Présent

• E-commerce Websites 
• Specialised management software 
• Online 3d Viewer 
• VR apps and demos (Museums, Historical Landmarks, City tours, Historical Reenactment, Medical training ...)
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IRISA/INRIAJanuary 2020 - Présent

• Working on the elaboration of a tool destined to archaeology professionals for interaction with archaeological artefacts.
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BrencoSeptember 2018 - October 2018

• Created a VR educational app about the solar system with realistic features, dimensions, distances, angles and speeds were all to real measurements, the app was deployed on Desktop, Google Cardboard, HTC vive and later Oculus Rift.
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Centre de Développement des Technologies Avancées (CDTA)June 2018 - August 2018

• My first official introduction to VR, I made an educaitonal app, a simulation of a classroom with interactions, i was able to count on the centre’s IRVA research team and worked on an Oculus rift CV1 fitted with a leap motion.
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iMadrassa/IcosiumJuly 2017 - August 2017

• I Managed the company’s Facebook pages, and took the lead in the development of a chatbot for Icosium, a company’s branch making a game of the same name, through the chatbot i created an interactive demo that helped promote the game and that was kept active for over 2 years.
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SafesoftJuly 2016 - August 2016

• As a first year computer engineering student, i learned from the company’s developers on specialised management software development, while i used my fluency in french to help the marketing team with the products descriptions.

Mes compétences

Visual Studio, Virtual Reality, VBA, Unity, Three.js, Substance Painter, SQL, Spanish, SonarQube, Selenium, Python, PyCharm, Project Management, PL/SQL, PHP, Oracle PL/SQL, MS Word, MS Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Kotlin, JavaScript, Java, Idea, HTML, Git, Django, CSS, C/C++, C#, Android Studio, Adobe Suite