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SAPMarch 2019 - Présent

- Product: SAP Concur

- Product's link:

- Description:

SAP Concur (formerly, Concur Technologies: an American SaaS company), is an SAP company which provides travel and expense management services to businesses.
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ITEOMOctober 2018 - March 2019

* Project 1 : Developing and maintaining the web APIs of the printing management service

* Team: The printing service team

My goal was mainly maintaining the SOAP web services of the team and fix the occurring bugs in different environments (Development, Test and Production)

- Fixed some bugs in SOAP web services in order to enable the correct behavior of some banking operations
- Monitored the different environments (development, test and production) to ensure having a reliable product
- Wrote technical documentation to guide technical and non-technical people on how to use our APIs

* Project 2: Creating a Spring boot application to test the reliability of 3rd party APIs

* Team: Digital document management team

The project is a Spring boot application that connects to 3rd party APIs, performs calls to their different services and compares them with the expected results given as input of the application in Excel format

- Used Apache POI to manipulate input Excel files (Read, Write)
- Added Bouncy Castle to send comparison results through an encrypted mail
- Implemented a Spring scheduler cron expression to define the application execution's frequency
- Used JavaMail to send mails containing the resulting Excel files (Expected results VS The results resturned by the API) attached to those mails
- Wrote technical documentation to provide a clear guide for the different features of the application
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ITEOMJanuary 2018 - October 2018

Project: Development of a fullstack application for a public healthcare organization from scratch using Java 8 and Angular

- Contributed to the development of a healthcare application that manages doctors in France (their work authorization/licence, their information, their activities, ...) (front-end and back-end)
- Designed and developed APIs using Spring Framework
- Created Spring Batch jobs to retrieve the data from the database
- Transformed the HTML5/CSS template into a working front-end Angular app
- Built the UI using Angular
- Wrote end-to-end tests using Selenium
- Wrote unit tests using JUnit
- Managed Docker containers
- Used SonarQube to improve code quality
- Integrated and developed ElasticSearch search queries
- Worked within a team of 4 people using Agile Scrum ( Sprints, daily meetings, spring planning meetings, ...
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Squeezer SoftwareJune 2016 - June 2017

- Designing scalable systems architecture
- Developing RESTful web APIs using Spring framework
- Ensuring rapid deployment and migration using Docker containers
- Configuring and programming custom mailing solutions
- Automating tasks through Shell scripting
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Squeezer SoftwareFebruary 2016 - June 2016

Project: Building plugins and modules for a project management tool called "Redmine"

- Built a plugin which manages sub-tasks using Ruby on Rails

- Built a module that manages code reviews and displays statistics and charts to measure developers skills based-on error types and errors frequency

Mes compétences

Windows, SQL, Spring Boot, Spring, SonarQube, Software Design, Shell Scripting, Selenium, Scrum, Ruby on Rails, RESTful API, React.js, OOP, Linux, JUnit, JavaScript, JAVA FX, Java EE, Java Core, Java, J2EE, HTML5, Heroku, ElasticSearch, Docker, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Agile