Lakshay B.


176 dollar
4 ans
Delhi, INDIA

Mon expérience

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Industrial Finance Corporation of IndiaOctober 2020 - Présent

* Development of online portals related to the schemes awarded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information
Technology (MEITY), Govt. of India as Project Management Agency (PMA) Associate for Production Linked Incentive
Scheme (PLI) for large scale electronics and also for Scheme for Promotion of Manufacturing of Electronic
Components and Semiconductors (SPECS).

* Development of online portal related to the schemes awarded by the Ministry of Pharmaceuticals, Govt. of India as PMA Associate for PLI-Bulk Drugs and also for PLI-Medical Devices.

* Worked on PHP/ Laravel framework for application development using Postgres SQL Server.

* Migration of Data from Oracle DB to Postgres Server.
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Thinksys Software pvt. ltd.October 2018 - October 2020

* Development of Selenium based Automation tool called Krypton written in .NET/C# that company uses in order to automate test cases for their client.

* JIRA API's to consume the data of JIRA account and re that data in form of charts and graphs in a dashboard made in .NET/C# .

* Azure portal and Azure API's /SDK to make labs written in .NET/C# that is being used by the end users to practice
Functionality of azure platform.

* Windows Form/ UWP / WPF / Setup and Deployement Projects/ Azure Cognitive Services- Face API / Azure Storage- blob containers.

* VBA Macros in Excel to transfer and process the data from multiple worksheets to Master Workbook as per requirement.

* Made various POC s using ASP.NET, .NET Core, MVC, Rest API's, Visual Studio 2018/19, HTML, CSS, AJAX, ETL, JavaScript, and ADO.NET

* Project Worked On
Face Recognition Application made in WPF
Application used Microsoft cognitive services to recognize face and show the name of person in the picture.

Mes compétences

VBA, Test Cases, SQL, Shopify, Selenium, REST API, PostgreSQL, PHP, Oracle, MVC, Microsoft Excel, Laravel, jQuery, Jira, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Hadoop, GSM, ETL, Debugging, Data Migration, CDMA, C#, Big Data, API, Android, Amazon Web Services, AJAX, ADO, .NET