Shreyas V.


63 dollar
9 ans
Bangalore, INDIA

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Ucern WIKIMay 2015 - Présent

Cerner Healthcare Solutions, Working as Java Developer for Ucern WIKI, Connect, Mytime, Operations Portal and
Celebration application..

Ucern Wiki Application

Technical Stack : Java, Spring, Springboot, Spring Quartz, Jquery, Velocity Template, Active objects, REST API, Confluence, Atlassian Plugin development, SQL, Linux Servers, Load balancers and Apache Tomcat.

* Overlay confluence plugins and source code, as per the stakeholder needs.

* Customizing the theme and expose web services of uCern WIKI.

* Developing Atlassian plugins from scratch developing the DAO layers, active objects, API and the UI for the plugins.

* Jira integration to provide feedback to wiki pages.

* Confluence mobile plugin and customize the plugin to have same UI as the desktop version of uCern WIKI application.

* Single stand-alone spring boot, spring-quartz batch application for multiple gardening jobs, data population job and scheduling them, and email the reports.

* Working in Agile team with bi weekly release sprints.

* Mentor team members and interact with other teams and vendors during critical issues.

Ucern Mytime Application

Technical Stack: Java, Springboot, REST API, Microsoft Graph API, React and Material UI, Linux Servers and Load balancers.

* UI as per the mock ups using REACT and Material UI.

* Integrate with PeopleSoft API to submit timesheets.

* CRUD operations for current and future timesheets.

* Modify timesheets API , send remainder email to submit timesheets.

Ucern Celebrations Application

Technical Stack: Java, Springboot, Spring Quartz, REST API, Microsoft Graph API, React and Material UI, Linux Servers and Load balancers.

* UI as per the mock ups using REACT and Material UI.

* Integrate authentication with Microsoft Graph API.

* Access Microsoft Graph API to pull user related information.

* Created Spring boot application to expose REST services, to pull birthdays and work anniversary for the coming month of their organization.

* CRUD operations allowing which logged in user would be able to wish their peers.

* Spring Quartz job synchronize users and send emails to the associates for birthdays as well as anniversary .


Java developer with seven years experience and a post graduate with Master's Degree in Advanced
Computer Science from University
of Leicester seeking a challenging career with a progressive organization that will utilize my skills, abilities and education to contribute in organizational success.


Guiding star award, NOTT award from US team for continuous delivery and appreciation from clients, Winner of three hackathons conducted in Cerner.


Java , SQL, HTML, Javascript

Oracle Java Certification course and
Accenture Greenfield Training in Java.

Confluence, Khoros , Spring , Spring boot,
Spring Quartz, Microservices, Jenkins,
Jquery, React, Mendix, Hibernate,

JPA, Active Objects, Junit .

Web Services
Rest API Spring

Oracle, MYSQL and Postgres.

Apache Tomcat


Maven , J enkins , J ira , Crucible, Splunk

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Yasco Solutions Pvt . LtdNovember 2014 - May 2015

Java developer for Fuel Now Network application which deals with automating bid
management using Mendix, Web Services and Postgres.

* Worked on the complete life cycle of product from design, development to quality

assurance using Mendix tool.

* Integration and working with other teams to publish and consume the required web services.

* Integrating deeplink, Sending email, Forgot password and captcha functionality to the application using Mendix.

* Java actions to obtain city and state based on the zip code using USPS web services.

* Played a major part in designing the database schema for the application.
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Accenture Services Pvt . LtdDecember 2011 - September 2012

Involved in production development of AT & T project.

* Certified training in Accenture in Java and Advanced Java.

* Worked on majorly SQL scripts to generate customer reports and perform health check of servers .

* Worked on user related queries to understand the application, and verify the database

to check why the user had been disconnected from AT & T connection.

Mes compétences

Web Services, SQL, Spring Boot, Spring, REST API, REST, React.js, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Linux, JUnit, jQuery, JPA, Jenkins, JavaScript, JAVA 1.8, Java, HTML, Hibernate, Git, Continuous Delivery, Confluence, Apache Maven