Ernesto D.


197 dollar
16 ans
Chetumal, MEXICO

Mon expérience

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NocNok Realty NetworkJanuary 2010 - Présent

- Developed RPC .Net implementation from scratch in order to  connect our frond end developed with GWT and Java, to our backend developed with .Net. - Developed front end application with Google Web Toolkit which on  that time was a completely new technology , this technology converted our Java code to JavaScript and was the predecessor to  Android development. Of course all our development for GWT and .Net was support with Unit testing  on NUnit or JUnit and I was responsible for develop automated UI testing using Selenium on a time when this technology was new also.
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SNEJanuary 2016 - January 2019

-  Developed a  team  of  over  20  developers  reporting  to  me  on  5  different  teams, programming  on  at  least  4  different  technologies  such  as  NodeJS,  Angular,  Ionic, .Net  and  PHP. -  Created  4  mobile  applications  currently  deployed  to  play  store  and  other  2 deployed  to  App  Store,  architected,  leaded  and  developed  on  all  of  them.
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Technical LeaderJanuary 2008 - January 2019

-  Leaded and participated on the development of which was my very first project with Ruby on Rails from scratch. - Leaded development and analysis of and -  Developed over 6 more RoR applications for companies located at the northeast side of the country. - Architected and Leaded development of our custom CMS developed with GWT and Java.
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SOFTTEKJanuary 2007 - January 2019

-  I am recognized as the “go  to  guy  SME"  for  BizTalk  product  and  EAI  since  2013. -  I have been working for some  of  the  top  Hi-Tech  companies  in  the  world,  such  as AMD,  BroadCom,  Qualcomm,  among  others,  as  well  as  for  huge  organizations  like the  Inter-American  Development  Bank. -  Developed  a  vast  quantity  of  projects  on  different  technologies,  must  of  them integrating with  third  party  APIs  and  Platforms  such  as  SAP,  Oracle  CRM,  SalesForce, TickIT,  SWIFT,  custom  or  In-House  APIs,  JIRA,  ClearQuest,  and  many  other  platforms.

Mes compétences

Xamarin, VB.NET, SQLite, SQL Server, Software Development, Software Architect, SharePoint, Selenium, Scrum, SAP,, Ruby on Rails, React.js, Rational ClearQuest, Project Management, Oracle CRM, NUnit, Node.js, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, JUnit, Jira, JavaScript, Java, Ionic, Heroku, Google Web Toolkit, DNS, DevOps, C#, BizTalk, API, AngularJS, Angular, Android, .NET Languages