Gonzalo S.

Full Stack Developer

525 dollar
9 ans
Mexico City, MEXIQUE

Mon expérience

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Bolsa Mexicana de ValoresFebruary 2019 - Présent

I participate as Senior Full Stack developer, my activities are mainly 2; add new functionalities to the systems and address incidents reported by the product user.
I have to collaborate in the development of an application for the exchange of information through a secure channel between the BMV and the broadcasters.
Mainly JBOSS and Wildfly are used for the deployment of applications in different environments prior to production (development environments).
As a tool to track progress in the developments and for the closure of resolved issues, JIRA is used.
Depending on the application JDK 1.6 or JDK 1.8 is used, Jenkins is used as a continuous integration tool for deployment in different environments.
Some of the technologies used, to name a few, are JDK 1.6, 1.8, maven 2.2, 3.6, ExtJS, Webservices Soap, Rest, JQuery 3.x, Bootstrap, Hibernate 4, Oracle 9i, CSS 3, HTML5, Linux Red Hat.
My activities are mainly maintenance to registration system of new stations, receipt of financial information by them and their corresponding processing in the systems of the BMV and also monitoring, tracking and resolution of reported incidents.
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Buró de CréditoOctober 2018 - January 2019

Participate as SOA Sr. Developer in the design and implementation of Client / Server application with Websockets focused on the financial services area. My activities included tasks from both Backend and Frontend, one of the main contributions was the modeling and design of the noSQL databases for distributed environment with MongoDB / IndexedDB and the design of the synchronization process between these Databases.
Some technologies that I was using for this project were the following; Service Workers to allow the offline use of the application, in general there was a lot of analysis and learning about the PWAs, Angular framework 7 (components, Services, Modules, Observers, Mappers, etc.), Websockets in Angular for the distributed propagation of the data to customers currently online and Websockets in Spring Boot for the synchronization of changes in newly connected clients, MongoDB Database, IndexedDB and Oracle, as a framework for the design of the UI we use PrimeNG (Primefaces for Angular). Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Java 8, Lombok, Swagger, Jenkins, Tomcat Server, Sonar integrated with Eclipse JEE, Design and consumption of Web Services REST with Spring.
I've always liked to stick to the best practices in software development so this project was not the exception, some of which was the use of design patterns whenever possible such as Bussiness Objects, DAO, DTOs, Facade, Singleton , Prototype, Mappers, CamelCase, Documentation with JavaDoc, Unit Tests with JUnit, among others.
Agile development methodology was used Scrum with monthly sprints and Version One for the daily report of activities.
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América MóvilMay 2017 - October 2018

• I worked as a Sr. Developer of business applications using frameworks & technologies related to Java EE.
• Some technologies that he used intensely in day to day, to name a few, are Spring Framework (Core, Mvc, Jdbc, Batch, etc), Apache tiles, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON, Maven, LDAP, Jboss, Weblogic, Websphere, IBM Portal Server, Portlets, Servlets & Jsps, JAX-WS, JSF 2, Quartz Scheduler, Oracle DBs, SQL Server and MySql, Jasper Reports, Hibernate.
• Collaborative work with around 10-15 developers with the help of Subversion and GIT.
• The developments are generally of portals such as e-commerce and backoffice stores related to the telecommunications sector, to name a few; Claro Video, Claro Shop, HBO, Telmex, etc. Sometimes he took part attending requests from clients from Latin countries such as Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, etc. to add / correct some functionality in your commercial portal.
• Attendance at meetings with client and technical leader to meet requirements and delivery of developments.
• Attachment to infrastructure and technologies used by the company, such as; use of IBM Portal Server, Jboss, DEV environments, QA and PRODUCTION.
• Use of PHP collab, Jira, OTRS, etc., to follow progress in the requirements.
• Creation, maintenance and consumption of webservices Rest and SOAP.
• My activities are varied, I can be participating in 2 or more projects; in some maybe writing a Batch process and at the same time correcting a Bug in some WS of another project.
• According to the project and at the discretion of the technical leader, Scrum is used or a completion date is committed with partial deliveries.
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IBM MéxicoFebruary 2016 - May 2017

• Participating as an Analyst Developer in a Marketing project, this component is part of a modern CRM 3.0 of the BBVA Bancomer bank, which is geared towards events that are triggered in response to user actions; as opposed to a traditional CRM that programs automatic campaigns.
• Assistance to meetings with various areas of the bank (Product Owner, business intelligence, database, CRM, etc).
• Extensive use of new development technologies such as BD Oracle 11G, MongoDB, Spring MVC, Spring Core, HTML5, JQuery, Framework Bootstrap 3, JSON, CSS 3, Apache Tiles.
• For the implementation is done in Java promoting the use of good development practices; how to use design patterns Business Object, DAO, DTO, Facade, Camel Notation, Singleton, Delegate.
• Deployments in JBOSS server & Apache Felix. Use of continuous integration tools such as Serena Dimensions; for deployment in different environments (Development, Test, Quality, Production), Use of Control-M for execution and planning of Batch processes.
• Design and analysis of batch processes (with Spring Batch) for reading / transmitting files on servers.
• Use of agile SCRUM methodology; Daily daylis, monthly sprints, assistance with weekly releases at night. Use of Jira to follow Sprints of the Scrum Team, weighting tasks in backlog with planning poker.
• Creation of web services RESTFul and SOAP, use of SoapUI for testing and validation of Webservices.
• Generation of diagrams of classes, components and sequence in UML with Enterprise Architect.
• Analysis and modeling of user stories for its development by different software factories.
• Analysis and monitoring of component Logs with Elastic Search integrated with Kibana.
• Performing unit tests, volume and stress in different environments.
• Attachment to infrastructure; IDE use and development platform created by the bank.
• Functional document of user stories, documentation of tests.
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SURAMexicoJuly 2015 - November 2015

• Assistance to meetings with client and requirements survey through business histories. Attachment to infrastructure already used by the company due to issues with the servers.
• For developments, I usually used new technologies such as Spring MVC, Apache Tiles, Bootstrap, Thymeleaf, Log4j, JUnit, Ajax with JQuery, etc.
• Integration of landings with social networks Twitter and Facebook.
• Implementation of tracking with Google Analytics and security with Spring Security.
• Implementation of environment for development and production with Spring Framework.
• As a development IDE, the use of IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) was mandatory since licenses with this provider had been paid. For the persistence of data MyBatis 3 was used as ORM. As a version manager, the Subversion plugin was used.
• Another of my main tasks was the creation and consumption of REST and SOAP Web Services (EJB 3.1) related to the middleware consumed by mobile devices.
• Use of Websphere as application server.
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PraxisJune 2014 - July 2015

• I worked as a developer in the FrontEnd part for the web version of mobile applications.
• Development of web applications with multilayer architecture with Spring Framework.
• Design and maintenance of databases with SQL Server that consume the Backend.
• The developments used several Spring Framework technologies (Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security, etc.), Log4j, Thymeleaf Framework, Sitemesh, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, extensive use of Javascript, Ajax with JQuery, CSS 2.1 / 3 and HTML5 (with Bootstrap 3).
• Consumption, creation and maintenance of Web Services of the type RESTFul and SOAP to be consumed by mobile devices.
• For the creation of reports, iReports and Hibernate were used.
• Uses of best development practices; as use of Facade design patterns, Singleton, DAO, DTO, Business Object, Javadoc documentation and camel notation.
• Integration of a web portal with e-commerce through Core Bancario (Payworks Banorte) for purchases with credit card and purchases without interests.
• Participate in the certification process with Banorte, so you should attend face-to-face meetings or by phone.
• Process creation for transaction synchronization with Spring's help with Quartz.
• For version / change management, we use SVN integrated as an Eclipse & Spring Tool Suite plugin.
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Banco AztecaDecember 2013 - April 2014

• Was a developer in the FrontEnd part of the eBanking area.
• Together with a team of developers, the new Portal of the bank was created and maintained.
• Consumption of Core Banking web services.
• Development of different flows related to customers; such as the opening of investment accounts, accounts for members, vault silver accounts, cash transfer between accounts, consultation and clarification, checkbook management, etc.
• Developments made use of several technologies such as Spring MVC, Log4j, Apache Tiles, Consumption of Web Services RESTFul with the Jersey Framework, Spring Security, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Extensive use of Javascript, JQuery, CSS 2.1 and HTML5.
• For collaborative work we use Subversion integrated as a MyEclipse plugin.
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Cacto.comApril 2011 - March 2013

• For new clients set up their Call Center and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) according to the requested requirements.
• Website maintenance, this includes:
Landings programming for promotions or campaigns and development of contact section. For this, technologies such as HTML, PHP, JQuery, JSON, CSS, Ajax, SQL Server were used.
• Access by FTP to remote servers to download files of client transactions. These files could be text files, cvs format or Microsoft Excel files.
• Loading new data to the BD such as catalogs, new branches, etc.
• Creation and sending of massive emmailing campaigns, this includes checking tracking and personalization of the templates to send.
• Creation and sending of mass SMS campaigns, this includes carrying out sending tests and personalization of the text to be sent with information from the customer database.
• Attend Call Conferences with the client.
• Training of customer personnel for the use of the Call Center and CRM.
• Assistance to meetings with clients in different points of Mexico City.
• Proposal and development of a tool to make a copy of transactions between servers to accelerate the reconciliation process at the beginning of each month.
• Review of sales force reports and daily monitoring to check that the totals are in detail and with the totals of other external reports. If necessary, make it square by tracking the origin of the problem and correcting it.

Mes compétences


MySQL, Oracle 9i, Oracle 11g, NoSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IndexedDB, PostGreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle



Software testing


IT Infrastructure

Linux, Linux Red Hat, Git



Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, CONTROL-M, JasperReports, Business Objects

Analysis methods and tools

Junit, JIRA, Scrum, Apache Maven, Agile


Kibana, Log4j, Serena Dimensions, Twitter

Environment of Development

IBM Rational Application Developer, JDK, Eclipse IDE, MyEclipse, Maven, Eclipse

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


Cascading Style Sheets, JBoss Application Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, WebLogic Enterprise Application Server, CRM database, CRM Integration, Programming, Oracle database, Framework Bootstrap 3, Data Access Object, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Enterprise Edition, RESTful, Java Servlet, JavaDoc, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, Java Servlets, IBM Hardware, Spring Framework, Apache Subversion, Java Server Pages


Twitter bootstrap, Jboss, Apache Tiles, IBM WebSphere, Web development, ElasticSearch, Spring Core, JAX-WS, myBatis, PrimeFaces, Quartz Scheduler, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Web Services, J2EE

Application servers

Apache Web Server, WebSphere Application Server


Struts, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Node.js, Hibernate, REST, Spring MVC, JavaServer Faces, AJAX, jQuery, JSTL, JDBC, Ext JS


Java EE, Java, HTML5, HTML, PHP, MVC, JavaScript, SQL, XML

Mes études et formations

Degree in Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Networks and Distributed Databases - Instituto Tecnologico de Zacatepec2006 - 2010