Juan D.

Full Stack Developer

345 dollar

Mon expérience

Self-employedJuly 2015 - Présent

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Tiempo Development MexicoFebruary 2017 - August 2019

Worked as a full-time, dedicated fullstack web developer, React.js and Vue.js
as frontend, Python as backend, on the AWS all the time.
All projects are from remote source, just from USA, Canada, UK and Sweden.
Accumulated proficient experience in web development as well as remote project management.
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Automotive News MéxicoJune 2014 - April 2017

Mainly worked with Python, JavaScirpt and PHP.
Contributed 5 big projects and 20+ small-middle scale projects,
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Data Science AcademyJuly 2012 - April 2014

Mainly worked with Python, for Data science projects, Operating System development.
Also, worked for web frontend projects, JavaScript and HTML/CSS/jQuery/

Mes compétences


industry~it, Python/JavaScript Developer, Back End, Fullstack Web Developer, FULL STACK DEVELOPER, Python Programming, Proficient experience, REACTJS, FREELANCE WEB DEVELOPER, Senior web developer, Front End, Accumulated proficient experience, operating systems, remote project management, Cascading Style Sheets, Web Developer, JavaScirpt, Developer, Project Manager

IT Infrastructure

AWS Lambda, Linux, Ubuntu


Web development, React.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Cloud-oriented / Serverless Architecture, Django CMS, Vue.js


HTML, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, Python




Data analysis, Project Management


Bootstrap, Node.js, Angular, Django, Redux, jQuery, AngularJS

Mes études et formations

Master of Computer Applications - MCA, Field Of Study Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management - Flacso México Oficial2006 - 2011