Diego C.


497 dollar
3 ans
Morelia, MEXICO

Mon expérience

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OracleMay 2018 - June 2019

Work in a REST API layer of a huge service that provides the power of Exadata machines through the Oracle cloud. My main responsibilities consisted in working with QA teams to fix bugs, working with other teams to integrate their services into ours as well as help them to integrate our service into theirs, meeting with architects to design new functionalities and implement best practices, and meeting with the team once a week to decide on what to do during the week. As part of these responsibilities I had the opportunity to work with technologies such as Java EE, Python, Oracle DB, and Oracle Jet.
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IBMMay 2017 - May 2018

Collaborate with a team of Designers, Developers, Architects and Data Scientists to design and implement web solutions in an agile environment. As part of things I did on a regular day were meeting with Product owners to decide on the direction of the projects, meeting with Designers to decide on how to implement their mockups, meeting with Data Scientists to decide on the best ways to integrate their services in our applications and meeting with the team to decide on the things to do during the iteration. Some of the technologies I had the opportunity to work with were NodeJS and Java to implement REST APIs, AngularJS for the frontend, Docker for packing our applications in containers, Kubernetes for deploying to stage and productions and TravisCI for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
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Basque University of Quiroga, A.CAugust 2016 - December 2016

Work with a team of students of different fields to design and implement a system that helped our university to keep track of the attendance of students to different events required during the semester. With this system we made easier for teacher to take assistance of their students to those events. For this project we used Arduino to implement a card reader lector that the teachers used, as well as PHP with CodeIgniter and jQuery to implement the UI where the students could check their record of assistances.
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WeAreNemesis Part-timeAugust 2015 - December 2015

Design and develop CMS applications with PHP using CodeIgniter framework in the backend, MySQL as the database, and jQuery in the frontend. My responsibilities ranged from tasks such as collect requirements from customers, design database schemas, design the user interface of the CMS as well as the application itself, implement the backend code for the CMS and talk to customers on a regular basis to show them our progress as well as receive feedback to make changes or improvements as required.

Mes compétences

REST API, React, Python, Oracle, Node.js, MySQL, Kubernetes, jQuery, JavaScript, Java EE, Java, Express, Docker, CodeIgniter, CMS, Arduino