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OxxoDecember 2018 - Présent

The company has a need to migrate Oracle EBS from version 12.0.6 to version 12.2.4. The migration was carried out in steps and by groups of portals (satellite systems to EBS).
I received a group of portals as an assignment to which I performed a detailed analysis to detect the portions of code where the connections to EBS are made.
Each portal has a different architecture and framework, from Struts to JSF. Some have their own database schema, others go straight to EBS. Because each one handles a different structure, the solutions to the requirement were diverse.
I am in charge of analyzing, proposing a solution, documenting and sending it for review with the architect of the area. When the architect validates, we proceed with the Development, testing and production of the change made.

Currently I am also working with the JHipster framework that allows to speed up application development times. Build an architecture with Spring Boot, Maven, JUnit, Liquibase, Bootstrap, Angular, Typescript, Browsersync among others. These applications are deployed on AWS using Elastic Beanstalk.
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MetalsaOctober 2009 - December 2018

1. Support: There are a large number of systems in the company, I am in charge of providing the following types of supports:
• Development of new modules or functionalities.
• Clarify doubts of users about the management of the systems.
• Sending reports of information extracted directly from Oracle.
2. Development of new systems (Java platform)

3. Requirements gathering: on several occasions due to the workload it is not possible for me to develop new systems, however I am in charge of starting a conversation with the applicant to raise their requirements and find out in detail what you need; I immediately document and provide the information to the resource that will carry out the development.

4. Documentation: the company asks us to document the systems, keep minutes of the meetings and in general document as much as possible all the activities we carry out as well as the systems we develop.

5. Attention to users: I attend to the users of the area's systems in the following cases:
i) Doubts about the management of the system.
ii) Errors in the operation of the system.
iii) Support in the loading of urgent data to the system.
iv) Preparation of reports, among other cases.
These activities are carried out for various systems developed in java web or asp net and that use SQL Server or Oracle as a database
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FEMSA LogísticaSeptember 2008 - October 2009

1. Internationalization of a web application built with the following types of objects
• JSP, XSL, XML, JavaScript, Java, HTML as well as the database.
2. Immediately they sent me to the support area where I dedicated myself to raising customer requirements, analyzing them and carrying out the corresponding developments using the aforementioned technologies.

Technologies used:
Programming: Java 1.5, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSP, PL / SQL, JSF
• Database: Oracle 12C and SQL
• IDE's: Toad for Oracle, Netbeans

Mes compétences

XSL, XML, UML, TypeScript, Team management, SQL, Spring Boot, Spring, Software Development, PrimeFaces, PLSQL Developer, PL/SQL, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle 12c, Oracle, NetBeans, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office Pack, Liquibase, JUnit, JSP, JSON, JSF (JavaServer Faces), jQuery, JPA, JDBC, JavaServer Faces, JavaScript, Java EE, Java, IText, HTML, Hibernate, GlassFish, Ext JS, Database Design, CSS, Bootstrap, Apache Tomcat, Apache Maven, AngularJS, Angular