Bruno M.

Full Stack Developer

325 dollar
3 ans
Katowice , POLOGNE

Mon expérience

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EPAM SystemsOctober 2019 - March 2020

* Development of new features and maintance of Frontend in Angular 6.
* Code Review
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Xiraba SistemasSeptember 2018 - August 2019

Customer: WEG S/A Project: WEG IoT Platform offers solutions for industry, power generation and smart cities. This ecosystem allows you to manage products by connecting to big data services and analytics in the cloud. It's a new way to combine people, companies and smart products. 
Team Size: Dev Team: 6 members, Architecture Team: 2 members, QA: 2 members 

 Project Role: Developer 

 Tasks performed
* Maintenance and development of new features in a REST API using Spring. 
* Maintenance in the legacy Frontend project using AngularJS. 
* Migration of the Frontend to Angular 7.x(latest version at that time). 
* Write functions in NodeJS to run in the IBM Open Whisky FaaS platform. 
* Development of a Timeseries API using Spring and an SDK in Java for integration with the main API. 
* As I was the only one in the team that had a piece of knowledge in native mobile development for Android and iOS, I was chosen to give a mentoring for an internship that was developing a small mobile project using native technologies. 

Environment: * MongoDB * IBM Cloudant * Redis * Spring Boot * Spring Data MongoDB * AngularJS * Angular 7.x * MomentJS * NodeJS * IBM Cloud * Microsoft Azure Active Directory * SASS * Java * Javascript * HTML * CSS * MQTT Protocol

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ESSENCEApril 2018 - August 2018

Project: Agora System is a platform where cities can make their accountability on what they spent the money given by the state to them. 

Team Size: Dev Team: 4 members, QA Team: 1 member  

Project Role: Developer, Analyst 

 Tasks performed
* Maintenance and development of new features in the Rest API using JavaEE technologies.
* Maintenance and development of new features in the Frontend using Ionic and Angular. 
* Maintenance in an Oracle database. 
* Configuration of a Jboss Wildfly10 server. 
* Meetings with stakeholders to define use cases and get better details of use cases already specified. 
* Database maintenance. 

 Environment: * Oracle 10g * EJB * JPA * CDI * JAX-RS * Jboss Wildfly 10 * Ionic * Angular 4.x *    Java * Javascript * HTML

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Born 85April 2017 - December 2017

Customer: ACS Informatica 

Project: Migration of a Delphi based software to web software. This software consists of an ERP for gas stations and controls everything from fuel sales to stock and store sales. 

Team Size: Dev Team: 2 members 

Project Role: Developer 

Tasks performed
*Development of the frontend with Angular 2.
* Development of the REST API with Spring Boot and other tools like liquibase for database migration. 
* Translate some business logic from Delphi to Java. 
* In this project, I had the opportunity for the first time to be involved in the whole process that involves the choice of technologies stack and architecture of the API. 

Environment: *PostgreSQL *Spring Boot *Angular 2.x *SASS *Booststrap *Liquibase  *Maven *Java *CSS *HTML *Javascript

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Include TecnologiaJune 2017 - October 2017

Customer: Inovagri is a platform where farmers can have information about how to hydrate properly their farms based on the weather forecast, soil type and what they are farming.

Project: SAI System 

Team Size: Dev Team: 1 member, QA Team: 1 member 

Project Role: Developer 

Tasks performed
* Maintenance in a legacy codebase in JSF, JPA and Spring. 
* Implementation of a Rest API. 
* Configuration of a tomcat server to deploy the application. 
* PostgreSQL database backup and restore in the new server. 
* Development of new features like a web crawler to automate a process of getting some data from other website and store in the database 
* Integration with a mobile app built with Ionic. 

 Environment: * PostgreSQL * JSF * Primefaces * JPA * Spring 1.X * Apache Tomcat 8 * Java

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Born 85January 2017 - March 2017

Customer: Born85 Digital 

Project: Born85 Digital web site is an institutional web site on what we serve the information about company services. 

Team Size: Dev Team: 1 member, QA Team: 1 member 

Project Role: Developer 

Tasks performed
* Customization of some bootstrap components. 
* Frontend Development 
* Server-side development 

Environment: *MySQL *jQuery *Bootstrap *SASS *PHP *Javascript *HTML *CSS 

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Born 85September 2016 - December 2016

Customer: Anauate 

Project: Anauate website is a platform where the company places advertisements about the apartments they have to rent and sell. 

Team Size: Dev Team: 1 member, QA Team: 1 member 

Project Role: Developer 

Tasks performed
* Customization of some bootstrap components. 
* Development of website templates. 
* Integration between a REST API and the website using the PHP library Guzzle. 

Environment: *MS SQL Server *SASS * jQuery * Bootstrap * Guzzle * PHP * Javascript *HTML * CSS 

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Born 85April 2016 - August 2016

Customer: Kallas 

Project: New Kallasnet website is a platform where the company can manage the information about their buildings, place advertisements regarding promotions and events they are in. 

 Team Size: Dev Team: 1 member, QA Team: 1 member 

 Project Role: Developer 

 Tasks performed
* Server-side development in PHP using the Laravel Framework. 
* Development of some components using the first version of VueJS. 
* Customization of some bootstrap components. 

 Environment: * MySQL * Laravel 5.4VueJS 1.xBootstrap 4SASS * PHP * Javascript * CSS * HTML

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Born 85January 2016 - March 2016

Customer: Stocche Forbes 

Project: Stocche Forbes new website is a platform where the company places descriptions about their lawyers and services they offer to their customers. 

Team Size: Dev Team: 1 member, QA Team: 1 member 

Project Role: Developer 

Tasks performed
* Wordpress template. 
* Integration between the template and Wordpress system. 
* Customization of post types for the customer register their lawyers, awards and some texts like about us. 

Environment: * MySQL *Wordpress * jQuery * PHP * HTML * Javascript * CSS 

Mes compétences

Application servers

Apache Tomcat, WildFly


Ionic, Android


JavaScript, JEE, PHP, Sass, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Java, Delphi


Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL, Redis, Oracle 10g, PostGreSQL, MongoDB




Node.js, AngularJS, JPA, jQuery, Spring, WordPress, JavaServer Faces, Angular, EJB, Hibernate, Bootstrap, Laravel


PrimeFaces, Liquibase, JSF, CDI, Apache Commons, Jboss, Spring Data, React.js, Spring Boot, Moment.js, Angular 6, Guzzle, Software Development, Webpack.js, Laravel 5, Spring Data Mongo, Angular 2, REST API, JAX-RS

Analysis methods and tools

Apache Maven, JIRA

Environment of Development


IT Infrastructure

iOS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure



Mes études et formations

Laravel II: More techniques and powerful webapps - Alura Cursos Online2016

Laravel: facilitating PHP development - Alura Cursos Online2016

Analysis and Systems Development, Information Technology - Lourenço Filho College2014 - 2016