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Alex L.


427 dollar
7 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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  • Superior technical skills
  • 7 years of industry experience
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Mon expérience

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IntralinksNovember 2018 - Présent

• Organizing scrum meetings within the team(daily, planning, retrospective).
• Researching on moving frontend application from BackboneJs to ReactJs.
• Active team member responsible of releases: validating smoke tests pre and after release, Jenkins • Build and deploy jobs, traceability, incrementing dependency versions, etc.
• Maintain current BackboneJs frontend and Java backend applications.
• Part of Accessibility Guild: responsible to maintain and make sure that definition of done is respected within the context of accessibility.
• Using Python and Docker to create pre merge testing environments.
• Writing and running automated tests using Selenium and Kotlin.
• Performance api testing with JMeter.
• Atlassian stack (Confluence, Jira, Stash).
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SpamExperts B.V.July 2018 - November 2018

• Working on improving and adding new features to the filtering and archiving software.
• Writing features and fixing bugs in the backend which is written in Python using Flask framework.
• Implemented new celery tasks and monitoring them using flower.
• Writing unit tests for the projects I am working on.
• Working with Linux distributions.
• Participating in team meetings and actively taking part in planning discussions.
• Working with MySQL-MariaDB and SQLAlchemy.
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BitdefenderSeptember 2017 - July 2018

• Testing the developed web application designed to be deployed into virtualized environments to allow management of the security solutions installed on an enterprise network.
• Writing test cases for features and stories that are developed.
• Perform test cases review for other colleagues.
• Running test cases and watching logs in linux appliance.
• Investigation for the data to be stored correctly in MongoDB and creating NodeJs programs to automate MongoDB checks.
• Logging issues in bug tracking platform - Jira.
• Creating virtualized environments – mostly on Vmware ESXI but also in XEN Citrix and KVM.
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RosaGlobalTel Inc.March 2017 - September 2017

• Developed internal web application using Django 1.11, Python 3.4
• Implemented Django Celery for asynchronous taks into the application and developed a software that automates a time-consuming task.The software is written in Python and the task is done by the selenium framework.
• Created PHP script that gathers information from our SMS Service and notifies the administrator by e-mail if the failure percentage is above limit.The script is running every hour with a cronjob.
• Created Python script that checks every Monday if the companies we do business with have a valid VAT number.
• Created internal web application in Python as Backend and NodeJs with Express and Pug template engine in frontend that gathers statistics for huge amount of calls - Iterating through more than 500.000 calls and grouping them accordingly to their provider and destination, calculating the profit, average call duration, etc.

• Respond to Trouble Tickets from our self-hosted ticketing system – OTRS.
• Configure VOIP routes for new clients from our softswitch.
• Monitoring Voice and SMS traffic from the gateway platform to detect if a route is down.
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FreelancerJanuary 2016 - March 2017

• Developed using Python, Selenium and MySQL a software that creates bulk twitter accounts as following: create email account with random names generated from a database,random birthday, creates twitter account with the previously created email, extracts access tokens and finally navigate to the email and confirm the twitter account.
• Using Twitter API and its OAuth authentification system I’ve developed a software in Python which will add a profile and cover picture and fills the profile information with random name, location and birthday.
• Made a Geo Redirection Script in PHP that extracts the user IP address, check its user agent to determine if the user is from Mobile/Tablet or Desktop make an api call to an IP Location Service which returns the country from which the IP is originated and with the header function redirects the user to a certain website according to its belonging country.
• Data scraping using BeautifulSoup, Selenium and Python requests

Mes compétences

VPN, Vmware ESX, Virtualization, Vim, Twitter API, Teamwork, Socket.IO, Social Media, Selenium WebDriver, REST, QA Automation, Python, Proxy, PHPMyAdmin, PHP, OpenCV, Node.js, Networking, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, Jira, JavaScript, HTML5, Git, Express.js, Django, Database Design, CSS3, Celery, Apache