Pirvan M.

Full Stack Developer

225 dollar
2 ans
Bucarest, ROUMANIE

Mon expérience

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Soft DreamsJanuary 2019 - October 2019

I work as a Full-stack developer: mostly technologies are Laravel, Vue, Jquery.
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Pionix Marketing SolutionsOctober 2018 - January 2019

Web Developer Laravel and Angular.
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Kepler EngineeringJuly 2017 - January 2018

I work in special with Symfony i start
from 0 knowledge for this framework, on project i used Doctrine for
relationship from Database and Sql for to make REST.
Also i worked with Sonata Admin.
Same from 0 i started worked with Ext js what help me to make next steps to MVVC.
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Logic ResearchJanuary 2016 - August 2016

In the first two months of our collaboration, I had the role of being Frontend Developer, my attributions being the following:
Turning .psd format received from the client/company into Html and Css web pages (code).
What I particularly followed was the identification: font-size, font-family, height, width, color for each
element, div, text, image and any other page element and for this I used Adobe Photoshop.
The final objective was to transfer the code in order for it to be responsive on all web devices.
In the next three-four months, I focused on the CMS Wordpress as an integrated frontend developer, with the following attributions:
Installing the plug-ins in order for the site to correspond to the customer's requests, fixing the bugs from the old sites (frontend and backend).
I have also had the pleasure to turn .psd format into Html, Css/Jquery making them responsive for all the sites created based on CMS Wordpress.
In the last month of our collaboration, I had the position of WebDeveloper, having to realize something called a REST API in the Lavarel framework.
I created an application that took the data from an external site (Json format), saved them in the
database and offered a solution with the purpose of creating an online directory.
More specifically, each visitor had access to a certain directory and each visit was counted on a credit
While building his application, I grew accustomed with concepts like OOP and MVC and technologies
such Laravel ,Json,Git – with each major change in the project having to send the data from the local
server to a repository github and pull them to a public server.

SC BOOSTIT HUB SRLJuly 2015 - August 2015

Mes compétences

Open Source solutions



PHP 5.6, Sass, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript


Vue.js, REST API




Symfony, WordPress, Bootstrap, Laravel

Mes études et formations

- - Projects

Informatics - University of Pitesti2014 - 2017