Dumitru-Cornel A.


554 dollar
15 ans
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

RoundAssist Inc.June 2017 - Présent

GitHubOctober 2013 - Présent

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EvozonMay 2016 - June 2017

o Outsourcing for SDL, the leader on his market
o back end software engineer at parsers, writers for different file types(from office suite but not only) used by SDL Trados(software for translators), this software has clients like Cisco, KLM airline, Bosch, international banks and many other well known companies and organizations.
o Implemented cutting edge algorithms and data structures used in this parsers, writers, reverse engineering of technologies from office suite for implementing this parsers, writers.
o One example is Least Frequently Used Cache algorithm implementation which has logarithmic complexity, it's using a binary tree where nodes are linked list of cached elements with the same use count, this binary tree sorts this linked lists by use count, 1000.000 add/get operations on implemented Least Frequently Used Cache of size 90.000 using elements from a list with 100.000 takes 466ms.
The Least Frequently Used Cache implemented runs faster than MemoryCache from .NET Framework and consumes less memory than this on the same benchmark, it could be found a version of this algorithm on my github account. This Least Frequently Used Cache is used to parse big files with repeating content.
o It is applying best practices in software engineering like clean code, unit testing, integration testing,
dependancy injection, design patterns, code review, scrum, technical and user documentation, the code is high quality and very stable.
o I read three books before to enter on this project: Clean Code by Robert C. Martin, The Art of Unit Testing and Dependency Injection.
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ScreachSeptember 2013 - April 2016

o ScreenReach is an international advertising startup system which helps stores, pubs and others from UK to sell more, displaying targeted ads to customers on screens.
o Outsourcing for Screen Reach from UK, http://my.screach.com/
o Front end: two web applications, first written in ASP.NET(maintainence, adding features), second written from scratch(creating architecture, choosing tools respectively WebStorm) in AngularJS, with related Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS.
o Back end: Web API in C# with multithreading based on Task Parallel Library, that is scaled on many
machines in cloud with load balancer in front to distribute requests in function of machines loading and data storage based on Big Data(MongoDB), database is running on Linux in Amazon Cloud, this platform involves using a mix of technologies and clients to Web API like Web, Android, iOS.
o Integrated APIs like Stripe API, Google Charts, Google API, YouTube API, Facebook API, Olark support
chat integration, video conversion to
*.mp4 from any video format using ffmpeg and thumbnail extraction from middle of video with the same tool, programmatic.
o IDEs - Visual Studio 2012-2013-2015, WebStorm
o Web Servers - IIS, Apache, Node.js server
o Implemented code which uploads videos on youtube
o I have been written an algorithm for authentification client side md5
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PentalogJuly 2011 - August 2013

o Pentalog is a French multinational company specialised in outsourcing with over 500 employees across the world.
o Worked on outsourcing project for TraceOne from France.
o Worked on service packs for a software as as service web application using ASP.NET Web Forms with
Telerik user interface controls and SQL Server, the kernel of this the application is a web forms generator based on a domain specific language, XML language, the job involves too fixing bugs in this code generator.
The purpose of this web application is to manage the specifications of food products and to be a collaborative space between supplier and retailer, the work on this project consists in solving bugs in a SCRUM environment
o I was involved in two evolution on a project for British Retail Consortium, the first evolution consists in changing few reports and creating some new reports using Business Intelligence from Visual Studio with Reporting Services and Data Transformation Services from SQL Server, the second evolution consists in customisation of some screens and changing workflows
o Solved deffects on a project which manage specifications of non food products, this project is using
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Self EmployedApril 2010 - July 2011

o Developed two web applications in ASP Web Forms, the first application was for an insurance broker in domain of car insurance damage, this application contains information from insurance damage folder, the data about damaged car and about owner. You could make scheduling from application for every step of approval process.
o The second application developed like freelancer was developed for auto offices, this application has some web forms for completing some documents, this documents could be generated like PDF and print, the technologies used: ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server
The second implementation is open source: https://github.com/adavidoaiei/ApplicationDocuments
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TellisoFebruary 2009 - April 2010

o Developed a web application using ASP.NET Web Forms with DevExpress user interface controls and SQL Server, this web application is issuing insurance policies, it was developed for insurance brokers and it was integrating insurers web services
o Implemented a management module for insurance policies with the following functions:
Search/Complete/Edit policies for insurance brokers in ASP.NET C#.
o Implemented a application for computing insurance prices taking into consideration many insurance
companies, application has a form where we introduce the data of insured person and the data of car and behind search engine computes corresponding tariffs in function of introduced criteria. I stored tariffs from insurance companies in XML files(XML databases)
o Implemented a management module for documents of insurance broker: receipts and policies, application
manages documents and movements of them from a location to another
o Implemented a reporting application for analyzing website traffic, it is showing Key Performance Indicators for a website using Google Analytics API.
o Installed Google Analytics scripts for tracking websites
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NetVisionJanuary 2007 - February 2008

o Customised an ASP classic software application for crewing corporation at the requirements of the client. In addition to that I generated various application forms and reports from template documents filling this automatic with data from database.
o Implemented a web application for maritim stuff travel, this has an profile for crew, the profile of crew contains personal data and documents of crew like VISA, PASSPORT. The services which could be booked in system are flight, hotel, car.
o Ported a complex software application dedicated to shipping companies from ASP classic to ASP.NET. It contains the profile of crew, personal data and documents like VISA, PASSPORT, that software application manages vessels and plans crews on vessels. It has many kinds of reports with activities of crews and vessels
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Solution CenterJuly 2007 - January 2008

o Developed a software solution using Windows Forms, VB.NET, MySQL database for the registration of
clients and the evidence of them, this software was developed for Auto House Constanta
o Implemented a backup program for databases which allow scheduling of backups for more than one
database, you could configure the numbers of backups and difference between backups in hours, DBMS used is MySQL.
o Implemented an reporting program for the restaurant SCOICA with various reports describing the situation of payment cancellation after paying. I used regular expression at parsing and extracting information from payment notes in
*.txt format.
o Implemented a phone calls report application for AUTO HOUSE CONSTANTA, which using phone invoices of employees as input in .txt format, create reports with calls with clients, calls which are not with clients, calls which are in time of working program, calls which are not in time of working program. I used regular expression at parsing and extracting information from invoices in
*.txt format.
o Ported and improved a program from VB6 to VB.NET, this program named PrintServer is printing
concurrently vouchers using threads.
o Implemented for the company Total Security a program using Windows Forms, VB.NET, MySQL which
manages contracts, payment of clients, invoicing, and generate various reports
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Real Data GroupMay 2006 - September 2006

o This was a summer job in third year of faculty.
o Wrote a code generator which generate User Interface and Data Access Layer, a Object Relational Mapper with CRUD operations, it compiles INFORMATION SCHEMA from SQL SERVER and using template engine String Template generates Data Access Layer.
o Implemented a administration module for Pegas application, it is used by administration SPIT(payment
services and taxes) using Windows Forms, C#, SQL Server.
o Implemented a scanning component based on TWAIN standard which I used
in the development of a fining scan application using Windows Forms, C#, SQL Server for the police from Constanta.
o Implemented a report generator which generates reports in HTML and graphics, you select tables and fields which you want to appear on report.
o There are multiple databases in several locations which synchronizes by replication.

Mes compétences

XML, WinForms, WebStorm, Web Applications, Visual Studio, Visual Basic 6, Unit testing, Transact-SQL, T-SQL, SQL, Software Engineering, Selenium, ReSharper, Protractor, Postman, NUnit, NSubstitute, Node.js, MySQL, MVC, Multithreading, MSTest, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Machine Learning, Linux, JSON, jQuery, Jira, JavaScript, iOS, Integration testing, HTML, GitHub, Design Patterns, Debugging, Data Structures, CSS, Continuous Integration, Clean Code, C#, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Azure, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET, API, Apache Web Server, AngularJS, Android, Algorithms, AJAX, .NET Core