Andrei S.


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7 ans
Timisoara, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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DX SoftwareMay 2018 - Présent

- Developed the core algorithm for WHS, a service requested by the United States Golf Association that computes daily the handicaps for millions of golfers worldwide. Used Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Postgres, and AWS.
- Developed QBConnector, a C# tool that syncs data between QuickBooks and the Backend of Ferma Flooring
- Developed a series of modules within MngTool, a Java integration module that used REST APIs to connect a client's internal management tool to other tools such as GitHub, Jenkins, Active Directory.
- Implemented the Backend and a React Native Mobile App for the Godai project, a custom food ordering app that would allow clients to order from a restaurant. The Backend was PHP plugin that served as a connector between the WordPress ation website and the restaurant's ERP.
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MicrosoftAugust 2017 - May 2018

c#, .net, azure, sql

Developed tools for the testing of the Bing Maps Directions services, such as validation of truck routes and performance analysis of auto routes.

Designed the pipeline architecture of the tools as well as the data flow.

Implemented graph-based algorithms that prepared the input data for the tool.

Implemented scripts that would deploy the tools into Azure, cronjobs that would run it periodically, and a logging system that populated the database with the results.

Documented the process of deploying and using the tool.

Created a JavaScript frontend for visualizing the tool's input, useful for debugging purposes.
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BTC Embedded SystemsSeptember 2016 - August 2017

java, eclipse-rcp

Researched converting the natural language requirements into a formal language, and then reconvert the result of the formal test execution.

Implemented a Java desktop app that converted the result of a formal test back into natural languages using the language from the original requirement.

Developed a panel in an enterprise Java desktop application that would print the inputs of some test suites into an editable table similar to Microsoft Excel.

Mentored internship students, showing them how to develop a multilayered application.

Tracked and fixed bugs for an enterprise desktop Java application using Jira.

Worked in a small team, using Agile methodologies with SVN for code versioning and Jenkins for nightly builds.
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DeventureDecember 2015 - April 2016

c#, .net,, xamarin, sql

Developed, along with my colleagues, a platform for the training of air pilots, where managers could assign mandatory courses to their personnel. The courses had content such videos and quizzes.

Designed the architecture for the platform and implemented the basic structures.

Used GitHub for code versioning and Microsoft SQL for modeling the database.
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ACI WorldwideFebruary 2014 - June 2014


Designed and implemented test cases for a fraud detection tool. Used both manual testing and automated tests

Mes compétences

WordPress, Test Cases, SQL, Sidekiq, Ruby on Rails, React.js, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Excel, Manual testing, Machine Learning, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, Groovy, GitHub, Debugging, C++, C#, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile Methodology, Active Directory, .NET