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Ovidiu B.


446 dollar
13 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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  • 13 years of industry experience
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HootsuiteJanuary 2020 - Présent

Leading the front-end platform team in Hootsuite. We build reusable React components, APIs, productivity tools, and lead the charge to improving our architecture and engineering culture for all front-end teams split across 4 timezones.

I am also a part of Hootsuite's Technical Architecture Group as the only front-end specialist where I collaborate with portfolio architects on company-wide initiatives.
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HootsuiteOctober 2017 - December 2019

I work in the Bucharest team that owns Hootsuite's Analytics product line.

My responsibilities extend pretty broadly. I manage two squads composed in total of 11 software engineers, specialized in back-end, test automation, and front-end development. I mentor my team members through regular 1-1 sessions and look for growth opportunities that align with their passions and career goals. I maintain communication, liaise, and negotiate solutions and delivery timelines on behalf of my teams with Product Management and Design. I frequently coordinate with teams distributed globally in order to ensure prompt resolution of dependencies. I champion the successes of my teams through personal advocacy, foster a culture based on high engineering standards, team responsibility for failures and successes, constant learning, and debates as a way to reach the best possible outcomes.

I also play an active role in defining our product's technical vision and roadmap on the front-end side. I proposed and supported multiple, sometimes multi-year long initiatives such as moving our codebase from JavaScript to Typescript, transforming our front-end from a monolith to a monorepo, migrating to a more robust unit-testing framework, moving to an encapsulated CSS solution, or implementing a micro front-end solution that allowed globally distributed teams to contribute new features inside of Hootsuite Analytics without coordination and without losing quality.
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HootsuiteJuly 2017 - September 2017

Moved to Hootsuite's Analytics product line and led a team of 7 software engineers working on product and technical roadmap features.
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HootsuiteMay 2016 - June 2017

I was an individual contributor, part of a team that combined the powers of JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and ReactJS maintaining and delivering new features for Hootsuite Insights, a part of the Enterprise Hootsuite dashboard.

I founded and acted as the principal sponsor of the local JavaScript Guild, a biweekly meeting for all front-end developers in Bucharest where everyone is encouraged to share recent problems, learnings, and pitch improvements to our codebase that impact reliability, performance, and productivity.
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1&1 Internet DevelopmentDecember 2015 - April 2016

I contributed to 1&1's custom self service application for managing SSL certificates both on the backend (Java powered by Spring, Node.js in-house framework) and frontend (JavaScript in-house framework)
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KingDecember 2013 - November 2015

I worked on some of the most popular and successful online free-to-play social games in the world such as Bubble Witch Saga and AlphaBetty Saga. Majority of my work was in Java on back-end services.
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Let.comSeptember 2012 - November 2013

Let was an ambitious start-up with a mission to build a new social network for teens.

I worked on all aspects of developing and maintaining the backend services which powered the Let social network (web, iOS and Android clients). All development was done in Python. Some of my personal highlights:

● Architected and developed a message queue and integration system responsible with Apple/Google push notifications and e-mail delivery of messages published from within the product.
● Developed a real-time cross device presence (online, offline, busy, custom status) system for our in-product messaging service.
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MiyowaMarch 2009 - August 2012

As part of the backend team at Miyowa I worked on:

- Java application server development & deployment within the AWS cloud
- I was part of a team building a solution with the goal of integrating multiple social networks and chat protocols into a single service aimed at low end feature phones in emerging markets.
- Part of a team developing and maintaining an in-house Business Intelligence solution built around Hive and Hadoop

Previous role in the company:

Architected and maintained various tools used throughout the company. Backend development was done in PHP5 and C# using MySQL and MSSQL databases; the frontend work was done in JavaScript using the jQuery library.


- Improving and maintaining a custom J2ME automated build server
- Developing an activity tracker web app from scratch
- Developing a custom inventory web app for mobile phones and SIM cards from scratch
- Porting J2ME applications on various feature phones

Mes compétences

Web Applications, TypeScript, Test automation, SQL, Spring, Software Architecture, Social Networks, React.js, Python, PHP5, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Leadership, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, J2ME, Git, Design Patterns, CSS, Continuous Integration, Clojure, C/C++, C#, AWS, Agile Methodology