Alexandru - Mihai T.

Full Stack Developer

390 dollar
7 ans

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Software Keys ManagementMarch 2019 - Présent

The client had maps and navigation mobile application company. He wanted to
bill their solution's impact on customer software. 

  • Opened a new target audience and increased the customer number from 0 to 2000 in 3
    months, by creating a solution for billing their customers by the impact. 
  • Ensured a 90% efficiency increase by designing an automated statistics system exposed
    through a web application. 
  • Ensured a 70% payment collection efficiency by designing an automated payment
    processing system.

Skills: PHP, Javascript, WebAssembly, PostgreSQL, Composer, Bootstrap, UI Design, Database Architecture, REST, GIT, RSync, Stripe API, Linux Crontab 

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FreelanceNovember 2020 - Présent

✅ I work as a consultant / contractor / freelancer bringing value to clients - empowering and helping their businesses.

My programming language of choice is JavaScript (with React.JS). I'm also proficient with backend technologies such as PHP (Laravel), MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

I am continuously looking for new challenges and self-improvement.

📩 Do not hesitate to drop me a message, and let's see how we can collaborate!
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General MagicOctober 2020 - Présent

A mapping application company offered its service only for mobile users, thus losing a
potential marketplace of desktop and laptop users.

  • Ensured a 2x increase for user accessibility by designing and implementing the app
    experience into a web based solution offering users the ability to check maps, plan and see details about their upcoming trips.
  • Increased development speed up to 50% by creating a seamless web application building process that outputs optimized code for every browser and platform.

Skills: React.js, Javascript, SCSS, Web Assembly, UI Design, Webpack, Git, Rsync

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-January 2017 - Présent

Maps and navigation mobile application company, is struggling to promote his services due to
a lack of a visual interface for non-technical customers. They required an interface to address this need and boost their sales.

  • Opened 2 new target audiences by designing a visual style editor, similar to Adobe Suite,
    and exposing them through a web interface. The user interface allowed map designers  and public system architects to focus on their craft. 
  • Drastically reduced the designing process time from 3 hours to 15 minutes, by replacing
    manual code writing and putting together a great UI/UX.

Skills: React.js, SASS, WebAssembly, PHP, PostgreSQL, Webpack, PostCSS, UI Design, GIT,
RSync, Linux

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Human Resources PlatformJanuary 2019 - January 2020

An HR company issued documents for their customers manually. The company was losing
revenue by having multiple employees for this task, and their clients were obligated to wait more than needed to access the documents.

  • Drastically reduced the time to issue documents from 4 hours to 10 minutes by designing
    an application to replace the slow manual process of creating complex reports to just a few clicks. 
  • Ensured an 80% revenue gain by allowing the existing employees to focus on multiple
    customers by streamlining the communication & automation process. 
  • Dropped customer support time by 50% by avoiding duplicated questions by integrating
    a specially designed forum application for commonly asked questions.

Skills: Laravel, phpOffice, PHP, MySQL, Composer, REST, Linux Crontab, Database
Architecture, Server Deployment 

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Tours WidgetJanuary 2019 - January 2020

Due to a lack of personalized software solutions that their customers can use in listings
applications, the client was losing many customers.

  • Ensured up to an 80% boost in the discovery rate for certain listings of customers by
    designing an application exposed through an embeddable widget. Visitors can answer quick questions and get personalized results. 
  • Ensured a boost of up to 15% of conversion rate by displaying the listings in a virtual map
    with crucial pieces of information about the offering.

Skills: React.js, JavaScript, SASS, Webpack, UI Design, REST, Git, Browserstack

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NOAA files downloaderSeptember 2018 - January 2019

A map mobile application was struggling with a very slow processing time and inaccurate
data updates due to poor file management infrastructure over the network.

  • Reduced time to download and process files by 50% by designing a two-step system to
    analyze files and retrieve only the required data. 
  • Increased the processing speed by 5 times by designing the system to process multiple
    data streams at the same time.

Skills: PHP, Linux Crontab, RSync

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Tempting BrandsOctober 2017 - February 2018

A branding company with over 4 international brands, managed manually the access they
gave to their customers to the brand files. Managing the files manually, was costly because  they had multiple employees for this task.

  • Drastically reduced the time to manage the documents up to 90% by designing a solution
    and exposing it through a visual management web interface. 
  • Reduced the time to generate statistics and logs up to 50% by displaying the information
    in the visual interface.

Skills: PHP, PostgreSQL, Javascript, UI Design, Database Architecture, REST, Git, RSync

FreelanceMarch 2015 - June 2017

Mes compétences


Google Material Design, Composer, Babel.js, React.js, Webpack.js, PostCss


MySQL, PostGreSQL, Database Administration


UI Design, rSync, Stripe, PHP Composer, Crontab


Bootstrap, Laravel, REST


JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Git

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's degree - Computer Science - Transilvania University of Brașov2015 - 2018