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Andrei S.

Full Stack Developer

555 dollar
6 ans
Bucarest, ROUMANIE

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  • Superior technical skills
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LuxoftJune 2018 - Présent

Working in a medium sized team as part of a big data, end-to-end service visibility distributed solution that allows observing service topology, inventory, fault and performance of large scale, disparate systems.

Themain technologiesused for this solution are Kubernetes, Docker, NodeJs, Java.


• Participate in all development phases of the project: Analysis, Design, Estimation, Implementation, Integration, Testing, Release. Write code and deliver to customer according to project specifics.

• Play a significant role in establishing and implementing an enterprise grade, highly available CI/CD pipeline for a cloud native environment.

• Migrate an entire microservices ecosystem from docker-compose to docker swarm and later on to Kubernetes.

• Implement a highly available and performant data transformation pipeline that adheres to the reactive programming paradigm.

• Install, manage and troubleshoot several staging level Kubernetes clusters in company’s and Client’s environments. Document production level cluster administration and troubleshooting.

• Automate infrastructure provisioning and validation in bare-metal/private clouds using Ansible.

• Extend the project with Dynamic Storage Provisioning and centralize application configuration in external volumes. Allow live configuration changes (at the infrastructure level).

• Assist the onboarding of new team members with various training sessions on docker, kubernetes and microservices.

• Optimize and automate various development processes with a focus on increasing team productivity.

• Implement Kubernetes API Clients Interfaces to allow microservices seamless communication with the cluster, with the scope of dynamic orchestration (make applications kubernetes native)

• Profile various microservices, detect and fix any issues or memory leaks.

• Benchmark and document comparison tables for new tools to be considered on the project.

Duties (outside the project)

• SME (Subject matter expert) on DevOps / Cloud / Container Orchestration / Data Engineering related topics: discuss with potential clients and new projects, translate technical requirements into business specifications (and the other way around), design and propose architectural schemas and PoCs

• Prepare and deliver company-wide training sessions regarding Kubernetes / Cloud Native.

• Perform technical interviews for various roles (focused on DevOps or Javascript)

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LuxoftNovember 2020 - Présent

Design a fully automated cloud native pipeline to deploy and generate the required environments for an ecosystem of network testing automation products from scratch. Allow the bootstrapping of several testing suites inside the pipeline with integrated reporting and fail/pass criteria. Reduce the mean time of vendor upgrades from 1-2 weeks (for small scale upgrades) and 1-2 months (for large, disruptive networking/service mesh upgrades) to 30 minutes.

Main technologies: GitLab CI/CD, Terraform, Ansible, AWS (EKS, VPC, S3, ECR, EC2) , Kubernetes, Multus, Python.


• Negotiate and assess client’s requirements and translate them into the appropriate solution and flows.

• Ramp-up on the products installation and configuration flows and design automation in a repeatable, deterministic and resilient manner.

• Automate the deployment and configuration of multiple EKS Clusters, their networking infrastructure and any plugin and security rule required to run the application stack.

• Research and implement a multi tenant container networking interface architecture with EKS and AWS VPC CNI support in mind. Deploy, configure and evaluate most of the secondary CNI plugins supported by Multus.

• Build a resilient CI/CD pipeline integrated with the main stack testing suites. Embed reports displayed in a clean manner with Python Pandas and a Pass/Fail criteria for the overall pipeline success.

• Extend the environment support for some of the applications to EKS / Kubernetes deployed on EC2.

• Prepare and deliver demos to key roles in the client’s organization (VPs, Sales Managers).

• Assist and mentor team members on Cloud and DevOps methodologies best practices.

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Various Freelance ProjectsJanuary 2017 - Présent


• Deploy and configure Gogs, Drone and Spinnaker to design a base CI/CD pipeline that detects source control changes, builds and pushes new docker images to a registry and runs a rolling update on an existing Kubernetes Cluster.

• Migrate entire modules from AngularJs to Angular 2+.

• Migrate React Application to Typescript as well as add type systems to multiple Angular Projects.

• Design entire front-end features using modern stacks such as React + Redux, React + Apollo or Angular 6.

• Add various endpoints to NodeJS API Servers, implement social logins using OAuth2 and Passport, improve security by adding passwords salting and migrate several REST Endpoints to GraphQl.

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Ser.ViNovember 2016 - September 2018 is a startup that revolutionises the dining experience by connecting guests and the servers through an ecosystem of apps. For more details, you can visit


• Coding a mobile based AngularJs application

• Creating adjacent helper Cordova apps for communication between the main app and tablets/smartwatches, going as far as a Tizen Web-based Application.

• Ownership over a front-end application with a large codebase

• Maintaining and troubleshooting several Heroku deployments and virtual boxes

• Marketing / Management / Business related duties that had a huge contribution on my development as an individual and taught me how to be a person that brings business value rather than an engineer.

• Working with ReactJS/Redux/Jest/deep-freeze for an admin interface aimed for our direct clients, restaurant owners.

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LuxoftMay 2017 - June 2018

Working in a small team of talented people, we managed to develop a highly scalable, customizable and performant IoT Frontend Solution in the field of Smart City Management. 

The main technologies used in the development process were: AngularJS, SCSS, Bootstrap 3, Paho, ChartsJS.


• Design, implement and share responsibility for entire features in the application.

• Elaborate and take several major architectural decisions regarding the application.

• Being the main author of the application's technical documentation.

• Update AngularJS code from Controller based architecture to Components.

• Implement socket based messaging and updates throughout the application.

• Involve in technical discussions and propose several project-wide improvements.

• Write Jasmine + Karma automated tests and test based utilities.

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The Bull and BushOctober 2015 - March 2017


• Computer and database maintenance

• Handling bookings coming from different portals such as booking and agoda, writing automation scripts that linked them to our systems.

• Automating the staff's tasks by implementing Trello in their workflow.

• Various front-desk tasks that included both customer service and management.

Mes compétences


Shell, Sass, TypeScript, HTML5, GraphQL, Python, JavaScript, CSS, Less, Golang, Java, CSS3

Analysis methods and tools

Responsive Design, Agile Methodology, DevOps, Junit


Bitbucket, Distributed Systems, PaaS, SOLID, GitHub, Prometheus, Grafana, Logstash

Big Data

Apache Kafka

Application servers



Yeoman, Bootstrap 4, AngularJS, Node.js, Express.js, Angular 7, NestJS

Software testing

ESLint, TSLint, Karma, Jest, Jasmine

Open Source solutions



Redis, PostGreSQL, MongoDB

IT Infrastructure

Terraform, HAProxy, Nginx, Docker Swarm, Heroku, Ansible, Docker Compose, Docker


Redux Middlewares, Trello, RxJS, Redux Saga, Grunt.js, Webpack.js, Vert.x, Spring Data, React.js, AWS, Babel.js, Bootstrap 3, Chart.js, Firebase, Gulp, Matplotlib, NPM, RxJava, RabbitMQ, Pandas, Spring Boot

Environment of Development




Mes études et formations

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer - -2019

Actuarial Science (mathematical and statistical degree) - Kingston University2012 - 2014

Bacalaureat Diploma, SAT Diplomas in Math 1, Math 2, English 1 - National College Constantin Carabella2008 - 2012