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Claudiu C.

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6 ans

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www.CarRentalBucket.comJanuary 2019 - January 2020

Technologies used: Python, Django, Javascript, React, Webpack, Gulp, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, Linux Server, Redis

Attempted to create my own startup, but it did not work as expected.
I’ve tried to create a kind of of car rentals for smaller and medium-sized companies to list their vehicles for rent.

The entire website is built by myself

New Things learned:

Django - The website is built in Python (Django).
React - The search results page (with paging, sorting, filtering, map) is built in React.
HTML & CSS & Bootstrap - I was already kwowing them, but got more experience when building the website.
PostgreSQL - never used it before
Linux Server - Installed and configured a Linux Server on a VPS with everything that was needed to run the website: NGINX, Postgres, Redis, etc.
Docker – to install PostgreSQL and REDIS in development; I did not use it production.
SEO - learned new things about seo optimisation and analytics
Legal - added and learned more about terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookies script
Other - Configured DNS, emails, CDN on Cloudflare, and all the other things that were needed to build and install a website from A to Z.

Reasons of failure:
1. Companies do not want to sign up. (less than 10% signup rate)
2. Most of the rentals were made at the airports, which are now almost closed due to COVID19 pandemic.
3. It is too difficult to rank my website in the first pages of search engines, therefore even if the companies would sign up, nobody knows about my website to make reservations.
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BizPro Technologies, then Vezuvian (BPT was aquired by Vezuvian)January 2015 - January 2018

Technologies used: C# with lots of async and await, MS SQL Server, Stored Procedures and Database Design

For the first 8 months I worked as a web developer with ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript, CSS, HTML.
Then, I worked as a backend developer at a project involving car rentals and my work consisted of:

• integrating new connectivities into the existing service, such as: Europcar, Fox, Advantage, EZ, Dollar and Thrfty
• fixing old bugs and doing maintenance for the existing connectivities
• enhance existing functionalities
• rewriting code of services that handled asset management (projects that keeped locations and vehicle info updated)
• the website that used my code is
• they later merged with another company and now are using the other company’s solution for car rentals because they had a bigger team, and more APIs integrated
• unit testing

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FreelanceJanuary 2014 - January 2015

Technologies used: C#, PHP, Javascript, WebGL, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Worked at several small projects as a freelancer.
The coolest one was a about a virtual museum. I used WebGL and Javascript to create several small rooms and exhibits. You could walk inside and move from one room to another, look at the exhibits, it looked like a FPS game.
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BeenearOctober 2013 - May 2014

Technologies used: C#, Oracle

Worked at maintenance of a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) solution which allowed distributors to create visits, orders, and other sales related things to have an evidence of their products and customers.
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BizPro TechnologiesSeptember 2012 - October 2013

Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript and jQuery, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework

• Worked in online travel industry
• Contributed to the development of two ASP.NET MVC websites
• Integrated XML from external suppliers of hotel reservations into our website.
• Developed internal windows services for downloading hotel information (type of rooms, facilities, amenities, etc) and keeping it up to date
• Designed MS SQL Server schemas and created stored procedures
• Worked with AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service)
• Unit testing

Mes compétences


Ruby on Rails, HTML, C#, Python, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript, DOM, MVC, OOP, Go, C/C++, JavaScript, C++, Java, PHP, CSS, XML, SQL


Redis, PostGreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server




SEO, Analytics, Database Design, Software Design, API


Entity Framework, .NET, Express.js, AJAX, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Django, Node.js

Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns

Environment of Development

Visual Studio, TFS

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Nginx, Git, Docker


Gulp, Webpack.js, React.js, WebGL, NPM, AWS

Open Source solutions


Software testing

Unit testing

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science - Alexandu Ioan Cuza University, Iasi2009 - 2012