Benjamin M.

Full Stack Developer

460 dollar
2 ans
Birmingham, ROYAUME-UNI

Mon expérience

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OptiPeople ApSJanuary 2018 - August 2018

OptiPeople is largely about the interplay between people, processes, and machines, where human beings are the main factor in creating continuous improvements. OptiPeople provides software and services to manufacturing companies that want an effective platform for systematic work with Real-time reporting and rapid reporting. "We optimize our customers with data and intelligent input from people and machines".

Designing, developing, and maintaining new functions in "OptiGate" the embedded software that runs on the OptiLink V2.1, hardware designed by OptiPeople for collecting and logging data from machines to the cloud.  One part of this software is written in C and runs on a 32bit Atmel microcontroller while the other part is written in C++ and runs on a 32bit MIPS microprocessor.

Building and maintaining the custom Linux firmware for the OptiLink hardware.

Supporting the other departments that use the collected data.  

Generated analysis reports for machines based on data collected, wrote C# scripts to retrieve specified data store in Azure MongoDB using a given MachineId.

Some of the Technologies I work with:
  Atmel MCU's
  Atmel software framework
  Document DB
  Embedded Linux  
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BitPassion DenmarkSeptember 2016 - January 2018

Full-stack developer and mobile applications developer as well as creating databases, developing database functions and stored procedures when needed, API's, RESTful web services and all systems necessary to create secure scalable applications with dynamic, responsive user interfaces.
Using Angular, Laravel, React, React native, WordPress.
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kvalivare IVSJuly 2016 - September 2016

Expansion/extension of existing system functionalities through the development of plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. Work with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, MySQL

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carbon14.dkFebruary 2014 - July 2014

Web Development, worked with XML, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, CSS3.

Mes compétences


Web Services, React.js, System Architect, NPM, WebSockets


ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, C#



Embedded and Telecom

Embedded Linux Kernel


WooCommerce, jQuery, AngularJS, Laravel, REST


Augmented Reality

IT Infrastructure


Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Engineering - BE - VIA University College2016 -

Academy Professional Degree - Aarhus Business College2014 -