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Madressa MahmoodiaSeptember 2018 - Présent

My role was to help the teacher in setting the lesson and help supervise the children. The children would be memorising pages of the holy book and reading them to myself or the teacher; other responsibilities also included filling out planners with comments for the parents as well as creating learning plans for the children. I also provided extra academic support in helping to tutor children who have learning difficulties or who may be falling behind their targets.
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-January 2020 - January 2020

I. Dissertation (November 2016 - May 2017) .

The main objective of my dissertation was to investigate cyber-attacks on large organisations and the impact they had to the end users and staff alike. I showed interest in this field as it fascinates me how much damage can be done to organisations who hold a lot of user data, encrypted or otherwise. The findings were particularly interesting as in the early days, a lot of data would be stored unencrypted or passwords could be easily brute forced. Researching on this topic also had me interested in cyber security and how attacks can be prevented, as well as educating end users on having their own online security techniques.

II. C++ ATM Machine Application (April 2016) .

A recent C++ project that I did was to add and amend a skeleton program which would simulate the actions of an ATM machine. The aim was to allow a customer to request operations on their bank account; this included depositing, withdrawing and transferring between accounts as well as viewing a list of transactions. The class files were already given along with the header files, our task was just to add multiple methods so we could extend the functionality of the program. This project was done with 2 other people, so thought to split up the main methods but still work together, using different machines close by and using version control to keep up.

III. Group Software Development Project (January 2015) .

As part of a group project, I took part in developing a prototype for a back-end application made by Rocca Creative for Sport Sheffield. The aim was to track the amount of users around their sports fields and areas, including registering and booking in the user. This was done using Bluetooth Low Energy which would be emitted from a Gimbal Beacon and would be picked up by the users phone which would prompt them to book into that particular session and place. As this was a relatively new type of technology, it required a lot of research through SDKs, documentations and various tutorials; which took me a day to understand. Within the group, there was only one fellow student from my course and I that knew C#; C# was essential as this was the language we used to program the application using an IDE called Xamarin. My biggest challenge was getting multiple beacons working in various environments; I overcame this by having prompts for different beacons that were detected so the user could check that they are at the right venue. The client was extremely happy with the work we had produced, as it gave them a lot of insight into the technology and how viable it would be for them to implement it.

IV. Professional and Communication Systems Informational Group Video (January 2014 - MArch 2014) .
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A&M Carpets and FlooringMay 2014 - June 2014

Helping customers work out estimates for their carpet and flooring, as well as booking in for measurements of the house or fitting of carpet, this required accuracy and careful attention to detail. Other responsibilities included answering the telephone, in which customers would call to ask questions, or the suppliers would confirm the delivery times and dates for when the order would arrive. This helped build my communication skills further as well as test my numeracy skills.
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Sainsbury'sNovember 2013 - January 2014

My main responsibilities were to help customers that would want more information on technological products, as well as assisting them with purchasing. Replenishment of products was regular and till training was given to help out on checkouts during a very busy Christmas period. With it being a main grocery store, health and safety was key, to keep the place and yourself clean by having a clean as you go attitude and emptying isles and shelves of cardboard and plastic.
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Next Group PLCJuly 2013 - July 2013

Working as part of a large team on sale days as a temporary sales assistant; dealing with problems that customers may have as well as assisting them to products and to buy them and leave the shop as efficiently as possible to reduce queue lengths. General tidy of the shop floor, picking clothes hangers and other items up which may have been left to keep the overall area safe for customers. Quick distribution of unwanted stock from the tills as well as replenishing items from the warehouse. Also worked Christmas sale day for the last 3 years.

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Visual Studio, UML, Teamwork, SQL, Spanish, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, HTML, Data analysis, CSS, C/C++, C++, C#, ASP.NET