Edward W.

Full Stack Developer

770 dollar
13 ans

Mon expérience

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DinghyNovember 2016 - March 2021

Architected and solo-built version-zero of Rails application for raising investment, proving concept and subsequently the skeleton app for team to build from. Ongoing board meetings & updates with VC and other stakeholders. Hired, ran and mentored the development and QA team based in Ukraine from zero to ten staff often spending months at a time with them in their city.

My team and I operated at an exceptionally rapid pace, going from first hire to production-live with a completely bespoke insurance platform in five months, whilst maintaining high standards of security and code quality.

Responsible for all technological aspects of the business, including the tech budget, reporting and setting out the development principles and working practices for the dev team for business analysis, tooling, TDD, CI, linting, ticketing, code-reviews, QA, sign-off, and overall communication. 

Responsibilities incl. architecting and oversight of AWS infrastructure to a high level of security suitable for our FCA-regulated status. Ongoing code-reviews of team changes and releases of front-end (React, Node), back-end (Rails) and mobile application (Cordova).

Two years into trading in the UK we launched Dinghy USA, late 2020 (https://dinghy.us).

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ECAW LtdOctober 2016 - December 2016

Offering advice and hands-on for software development, with 10 years of Ruby on Rails experience.
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Simple MerchantJuly 2014 - October 2016

Built Rails product, from scratch, to automate e-commerce operations (such as automated purchase of shipping routes and package label generation) leading the business to acquire its first few customers. 

Initial customers gave the backing for us to subsequently merge with a 500-startups company based in Accra, Ghana, leading me to take on a CTO role overseeing the newly merged Rails development team.

BarBuddyAugust 2012 - July 2014

Simply BusinessNovember 2010 - July 2014

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Simply BusinessNovember 2010 - July 2014

Early developer in the team re-writing the entire system from Java into Ruby on Rails, and cultural overhaul in switching from waterfall to Agile. 

In later years moved to the internal innovation team - in essence, an internal startup, innovating fast on product to make the business considerably more efficient through automation (much of this identified by spending time sitting alongside the company call-centre operatives whilst they handled customers and noting processes to automate or simplify).

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DevelUp Co-operativeJanuary 2012 - July 2014

Not-for-profit co-operative based in Tower Hamlets, London
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The CloudApril 2010 - November 2010

Developed the 'Windows FastConnect' desktop client for the company.
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DeticaNovember 2007 - April 2010

Project-managed and developed a high-performance network manipulation software in C++

Database re-structure and UI development for a client's MS Access application.

A rails app dashboard and admin panel for bespoke hardware.

Software design and development on a large-scale J2EE government project.

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology


Lean, Logo Design, Software Design, Leadership, Consulting, E-commerce


Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Java


AWS, REST API, Software Development




WordPress, Backbone.js

IT Infrastructure


Software testing

Test Driven Development (TDD)

Mes études et formations

Computer Science (MEng) - University of Bristol2003 - 2007