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PROJECTSJanuary 2015 - Présent

First Step of the Gods (Unity) (09/2020 - 01/2021)

• Successfully delivered a match-3 game combined with tower defense mechanics in a mid-size team of 10 developers for a Chinese client FunPlus
• Collaborated with designers to implement vital systems like the save and load system, upgrade system, gamepedia, and audio system for the game
• Implemented all the UI, animations, level-select framework, and scene transitions along with the state pattern and object pooling design pattern
• Maintained documentation, feedback from the client, meetings log, weekly submissions, and daily log following the agile development methodology

Cyberon (Unity) (05/2020 - 08/2020)

• Successfully delivered a 3D turn-based Sci Fi gamein a team of 4 members
• Co-managed project development with agile development methodology
• Implemented the character movement, drone movement, and hunter movement on tilemaps in Unity 3D Engine using A
* path-finding algorithm
• Executed the functionalities of the player controller, turret controller, the save and load system, and state pattern for the development of the game
• Collaboratively designed the user interface, levels and the core-architecture

Third Person Shooter Demo (UE4) (02/2020 - 04/2020)

• Developed a 3D third-person shooter demo in Unreal Engine 4 using C++ and blueprints consisting of walk, idle, shoot, run, aim and reload animations
• Designed a refined third person aim system with the help of aim-offset 2D
• Implemented standard shooting mechanics with the bullets and hit damage
• Utilized algorithms like Inverse Kinematics to incorporate the accurate rotation of the gun and the shooter's arms along with its avatar movement

Data Structure and algorithms (07/2015 - 09/2015)

• Search Engine - Developed a utility tool that searches and displays words entered by a user from an initiated database with specified limits (Java)

• Mobile Tracking System - Implemented the data structure of the central server of a system that keeps the track of mobile phones that are registered to the nearest base stations which are linked with the central server (Java)
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ZatunMay 2017 - July 2017

• Accomplished the required tasks of 2 development projects in 1.5 months along with a selection demo test for the internship
• Demo Test – Created a TPP-FPP shooter demo with the help of provided models of farmer, cow, M9 gun, sub-machine gun, and a small farm. Added features like the response of AI along with the animations of additional two characters of the DC Comics.

• Rewrote and flattened the touch controls of Sniper 3D Rust

• Truck Zombie Games (Play-store shipped) - Implemented the core mechanics, the environment build along with the addition of art assets consisting of different models, particle system, menu scenes, UI, and dynamic control features using methods such as Bezier Curves while collaboratively working with a designer and other members for the development of the game

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Visual Studio, Unreal Engine, Unity3D, Unity 3D, Scrum, Python, OpenGL, OOP, Machine Learning, Java, GitKraken, Git, Game development, Game Design, Design Patterns, Computer Graphics, C/C++, C++, C#, Agile Scrum, Agile Methodology