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MOKAMay 2014 - November 2017

- Created several React components with D3 charts that support interactive visualizations of market data projections and analysis.
- Developed unit tests and component snapshot tests using Jest and Enzyme.
- Implemented client-side data transformations to map, filter, reduce, etc. large datasets for display in interactive SVG charts.
- Supported dynamic forms for providing market data analysis for food and beverage companies making projections about product/factory capacity, cost, and several other factors.
- Created dynamically populated data filters as dropdowns, checkbox groups, input fields, sliders, etc. in order to evaluate and pivot market data analysis charts.
- Used Chrome DevTools to investigate and fix front-end rendering performance issues and computationally intensive bottlenecks

Mes compétences

Vue.js, Unit testing, Redux Saga, React.js, React-Redux, PostgreSQL, Node.js, MongoDB, MobX, Jest, JavaScript, Enzyme, DevTools, D3.js, AWS, API, AngularJS, Angular, Analysis