Travis C.

Full Stack Developer

740 dollar
22 ans

Mon expérience

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ArttusJanuary 2007 - Présent

As the Principal Lead Drupal Developer at Arttus, my responsibilities include handling the full lifecycle of projects from planning stages through the development process. Task include project management, site architecture, theme development, site building, module development, deploying high-performance Drupal optimized cloud hosting, and third-party integrations.

Some highlights

• Brookfield Drupal8, Paragraphs, Bootstrap4, PHP, SCSS, jQuery, Pantheon

• Bessemer Drupal8, Paragraphs, Bootstrap3, PHP, SCSS, jQuery, Acquia

• SMFA Tufts edu RWD, Drupal8, Bootstrap3, Paragraphs, PHP, CSS, jQuery

• GE RWD, Drupal7, Bootstrap3, Paragraphs, PHP, CSS, jQuery

• TimeWarner, RWD, Drupal7, Bootstrap3, PHP, CSS, jQuery

• Taunton Interactive
Various properties,,,,, internal projects (RWD, Drupal7, Drupal6, Features based deployments, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Solr, Magento, Codeigniter)

• DocuSign
Corporate home, (Responsive Web Design, Drupal7, Panels Everywhere, PHP, SCSS, jQuery)

Demo Store app store internal project, Co-Innovation OnDemand, Sales OnDemand,, Sourcing OnDemand, Streamwork (AEgir, Drupal7, Drupal6, PHP, CSS, XHTML, jQuery)

• Zynga
Corporate home, (Drupal7, Panels Everywhere, PHP, CSS, XHTML, jQuery)

• Additional
Addison, Igicom, FuturePlus and FutureUS, Mekanism, Takepart, Elastra, DHAPdigital, 350, EveryHumanHasRights, Chapterthree, BEA, Oracle, Gracenote, and many many more.
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Fame4artJanuary 2001 - January 2007

Other... Webmaster, Designer (Freelance)
CBS pix, Doolaege Fine Jewelry, Home Blown Glass and many others.
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E-LearningFebruary 2003 - February 2006

/ The American Academy of Ophthalmology,, San Francisco, CA (
* Worked with project sponsors to write functional specifications for Clinical Education projects, designed wire

frames & visual design, worked with IT to select the appropriate technology for the needs of the organization and division.
* Produced courses, case simulations, IMS content packages and presentations
* Designed, graphics, CSS and PHP templates for the redesign of the Educational Resource Center LMS, while scoping and structuring the user experience. Developed specifications and information architecture for the e-learning framework and the mother of all Academy products, The Ophthalmic Knowledge Base.
* Served as an e-learning emissary between departments and roles, turning specifications into digestible presentations.
* Saved the organization from vendor lock-in to the tune of approximately 65,000 dollars per year through the promotion of an open source e-learning initiative.
* Hand coded nine volumes of learning objects, consisting of several hundred learning objects per volume.

* Troubleshot and tested with QA to oversee the launch of new products.
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Rkeytex DESIGNJanuary 2001 - January 2002

Roles included needs assessment, information architecture, usability engineering, coding HTML, CSS, and ASP pages, designing template pages for CGI's, designing PowerPoint, Director and Flash movies.
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MediousJanuary 2000 - January 2001

Designed and developed games and animations for children's website, including interactive flash interfaces and animation, coding HTML, optimizing graphics and flash movies. Also recruited and hired programmers, sound designers and graphic artists.

Graphics Designer, Sound Design, Animation

Mes compétences




Consulting, Social Media, CA, Design, Project Management



IT Infrastructure

Nginx, Git, Linux


Django, Bootstrap, Magento, jQuery

Computer Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint

Application servers

Apache Web Server


Solr, SCSS, Drupal




HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML, Sass, HTML5, XHTML


eCommerce, Designer, eLearning, CGI Web Development, Apache Subversion, Webmaster, Responsive web design, USER EXPERIENCE, visual design, Front End, 3D, Full Stack, Functional Design > Functional Specification, theme Development, IT Consultancy, Digital Media, Python Programming, Multimédia, develop features, Senior Web Designer, Devshop, custom Drupal module development, Panels Everywhere, Macromedia Flash, Paragraphs, Drupal Themer / Project Manager, Animator, Project Management, Graphics Designer, Sound Design, Drupal Web Developer, Active Server Pages, Cascading Style Sheets, industry~it, Personal Home Page, the Lead Drupal Developer


Adobe Creative Suite, Director

Mes études et formations

Digital Media - San Francisco Art Institute1999 - 1999