Aito H.


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Self Employed FreelanceNovember 2019 - Présent

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Dental Sleep Solutions, LLCMarch 2018 - October 2019

Front End Lead (Contractor)
I worked as a front end lead developer for a set of management dashboard and toolkit apps for medical corporation.

And I was responsible for both design and development.

The front-end tech. stack was Vue.js - Vue.js v2(Vue Composition API), VueX, Vuetify v2.
The back-end stack was Laravel.

This project is a huge project which consists of 5 sub projects - 2 dashboards and 3 toolkit apps.

And because of this, it has over a thousand API endpoints.

To integrate these massive amount of endpoints in a short time, I developed my own VueX middleware to boost the API integration phase.

It handles all the data and logic flows between the VueX store and API endpoints including API calls, authentication and success, error, exception handling.

Also I used several Vue.js hacks, Node.js & webpack tricks to boost the progress of building new UI.

As the result we finished this huge project in less than 2 years.

Also I designed a new glass theme as they want.
(All those 5 projects are unified with a same theme.) I had several meetings to collect feedback from management team and clients to satisfy their requirement on UI/UX.
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The App Company, LLCMay 2017 - February 2018

Senior Mobile Application Developer (Contractor) The App Company, LLC

As a senior mobile app developer, I completed several mobile app projects with Ionic and React Native.

We were a distributed remote dev. team working for the App Company, LLC.

The company aimed to build a template app first with Ionic/Angular and build another apps based on this app template.

With my team, I built the template app with json data-driven UI and also built UI builder with WordPress, so that we can accomplish the other projects easily by just changing the UI data.

You can see that all the apps published by The App Company have similar UI themes.

Those are customized by WordPress Theme Builder.

All the Ionic projects were completed by Dec but as the growth of popularity and advantages of React
Native, they asked us to complete the app template with React Native, so I worked 2 more months to build React Native template.
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TinyURL, LLCFebruary 2017 - May 2017

I worked as a front-end developer for a famous URL shortening platform - TinyURL.

The technical stack was Laravel Blade + Vue.js

As a front-end developer, my responsibility was to implement a new design and improve UI/UX and visualization of the home page and dashboard.

I also replaced Vuetify with Bootstrap which was used as a UI framework for this project for better look and implemented design as pixel-perfect responsive.
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AgentMarch 2016 - February 2017

I worked with an agent for about a year on several projects with wide range of various technologies. 1 MERN(Node.js/Express,js + React.js + MongoDB) stack app project: PoS(Point of Sales) selling
1 React.js + RoR(Ruby on Rails) project: Travel booking project
2 React Native projects
4 Shopify theme customization projects
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LiveGlamOctober 2015 - February 2016

LiveGlam. Co

I worked as a senior front-end developer in LiveGlam dev. team.

The technical stack was WordPress + wooCommerce.

As a front-end developer, my responsibility was to implement new designs and optimize the website size and speed.

The CTO said that the most exciting change that I made is that after I optimized this project, the page speed had improved three times faster than before.

For size and speed optimization, I installed Gulp to the project to optimize CSS and JS files.

Also I installed WordPress plugins to optimize uploaded images.
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Mercury SoftwareFebruary 2013 - June 2015

I worked as a front-end developer for this role.
For 2 years I worked on several projects.

The technical stack was various including AngularJS, WordPress, Shopify, HTML/CSS & jQuery etc.

This is the most important part of my web development period that I started web development as my profession.

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Zend Framework, WordPress, WooCommerce, WebSockets, Web Services, Vue.js, Vue CLI, Unit testing, TypeScript, Trello, TortoiseSVN, Teamwork, Symfony, SVN, Socket.IO, Sketch, Shopify, Selenium, SCSS, Sass, Ruby on Rails, Redux Saga, Redux, React.js, React Native, Raspberry Pi, Pug.js, PostgreSQL, PHP 7, PHP 5, Passport, Node.js, MySQL, Mongoose, MongoDB, Moment.js, Mocha, Material Design, Magento, Mac OS X, Linux, Laravel 5, Laravel, Koa.js, Karma, JSX, Jscript, jQuery, Jest, Jenkins, JavaScript, Jasmine, JADE, iOS, InVision, HTML5, HTML, Heroku, HAML, Golang, Go, GitLab CI, GitLab, GitHub, Git, Figma, Express.js, Express, Enzyme, Docker, CSS3, CodeIgniter, Chai, C/C++, C++, Bitbucket, Autodesk, Asana, API, Ant, AngularJS 1.4, AngularJS, Angular 4, Angular 2, Angular, Android, AJAX, Agile Methodology, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX