David M.


732 dollar
25 ans
Springfield, UNITED STATES

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Computer Science DeptJanuary 2015 - Présent

* Teach Intro to CS Through Programming (Python)

* Supervise Student TAs

* Developed PairUp Python/Flask React web app for managing student rosters screenshots:

* https://github.com/marshall62/partner, https://github.com/marshall62/pairUp

Prior Software Development experience at the following companies:

* United Healthcare Inc., Hartford, CT - contractor

* Buxton & Dopp Inc., Chicopee, MA - contractor

* Salomon Brothers Inc., New York, NY - contractor

* Lehman Brothers Inc., New York, NY - contractor

* Dillon Read Company, New York, NY - contractor

* Bachman Information Systems Inc., Burlington, MA - senior software engineer

* Martin Marietta Corp., AI Lab - Denver Aerospace, Denver, CO - software engineer
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Computer Science DeptJanuary 2018 - January 2019

I built RESTful microservice with Python/Flask/MongoDb, deployed on Google Cloud. The service resides within the OpenReview.net platform and processes papers and reviewers for research conferences.

This project required me to understand a complex operations research algorithm and do extensive testing with pytest including GitHub- CircleCi automated testing. Tech stack: Python/Flask, node.js, Javascript, MongoDb, Redis, ElasticSearch. Setup and deploy to Google Cloud.

Computer Science DeptJanuary 1998 - January 2019

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Computer Science DeptJanuary 1998 - January 2018

Center for Knowledge Communication
Developed variety of web and desktop applications pursuant to research goals of the group. Manage small groups of software developers, including graduate and undergraduate students. Often served as sole developer responsible for system design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of databases and servers. Investigated and selected tools and languages.. Collaborated with researchers and instructors in various disciplines at other institutions to construct systems and online course materials. Worked independently and remotely for long stretches of time.
Project chronology:

* Animal Watch, a 4th /th
5 grade math tutor. I designed and implemented this Java/Swing desktop system which was released on CD and used in schools throughout Massachusetts

* Wise Tutor, a training system for employees at Cabletron, Inc. This software provides a trainee
with a Fuji CP-IV board construction simulator and a tutor which uses common failure scenarios and a diagnostic system to help guide troubleshooting of common problems that arise in its operation. I learned the capabilities of the machine by reading manuals and speaking with experts so that I could build a simulator and a tutoring system based on running simulations involving faults.

* UMass OWL: Developed UML diagrams toward design and implementation of a peer-review
component within an e-learning system used across the university by thousands of students.
Customized and extended functionality of system (http://owl.oit.umass.edu)

* Built/maintained AFL/CIO website components and Protean Explorer webapp for UMass Biology

* Designed and implemented Wayang Outpost, a web-based tutoring system for geometry SAT
preparation. I started with a vague proposal and generated prototype systems until stakeholders were happy. Then I managed a team of developers to build web-based system.
Used in high schools throughout Massachusetts. Java servlet back-end with HTML and Flash front end.

* Rashi , an inquiry-based learning immersive learning environment for college students. I was
given a very vague specification and tasked with building a system breaking new ground in domain-independent learning systems. This required doing a full literature review and collaborating with other researchers. I collaborated with professors at several universities and colleges to gather requirements. Designed system and led staff programmers in the implementation. Expanded software to provide support for art-history, geology, forestry, and biology. I became the sole developer and then handed off the project to PhD students to adapt to their research projects. client-server Java/Swing desktop application. Java servlet/MySQL back-end). Used at UMass, Hampshire College, and Antioch University New

* Math Forum, Redesigned user interface of a large online archive of math problems developed
by Drexel University, and increased adaptivity toward individual users

* 4Mality: I maintained and extended a Java servlet, web-based tutoring system used in
classrooms to prepare 4th grade students for the standardized math test required by
Massachusetts (MCAS)

* MathSpring, a web-based math instruction system for use in high school (http://mathspring.org
Java/JSP/MySQL with HTML/Flash/Javascript JQuery front-end). I was the initial sole developer and then led student programmers in the extension and maintenance of the software. This software has remained in active duty since 2004 and is now maintained by a team of several developers spanning several colleges.

* Mathspring/Assistments: Developed a cooperative tutoring systems approach by extending the
Mathspring tutoring system to function as a service through a REST API used by the Assistments tutoring system developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The API provided
the ability to request a tutoring session in a particular topic, accept a user from the host system, and then reporting back to the host system (thru a separate REST API) statistics from that session. This approach was then applied similarly to working with MARi system (mari.com)

* Emotion based tutoring: WIth researchers at Boston University I built a tutoring front-end
system which uses the camera to track the face of the user. Video data was sent into Affectiva facial emotion detection system with results sent to a REST API.

* MS Admin system (http://rose.cs.umass.edu/msadmin): A web-based authoring tool for building
math problems, aligning content with US Common Core Standards, forming assessments, creating pluggable pedagogical components used by the Mathspring system. Built in Python/Django. Javascript/JQuery/Bootstrap web-app front-end screenshots

Mes compétences

XML, UNIX, Troubleshooting, Team management, System Design, Software Development, RESTful, REST API, Redis, React, Python, PyCharm, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Mac OS X, Lisp, Linux, JSTL, JSON, jQuery, Jersey, JDBC, JavaScript, Java Swing, Java RMI, Java, IntelliJ Idea, HTML, Google Web Toolkit, GitHub, Git, Flask, ElasticSearch, Eclipse IDE, Django, CVS, CircleCI, C++, Bootstrap, Apache Web Server, Android, AJAX