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Fan Wei T.


343 dollar
8 ans
Jacksonville, UNITED STATES

Why I'm Top 5%

  • Superior technical skills
  • 8 years of industry experience
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GuruAugust 2019 - December 2020
- Designed new databases and data schemas for the progressive web application(PWA) improving data integrity and execution efficiency
- Architected and implemented a front-end system for React Application with Material UI and Styled Components and animation using React Pose
- Reduced server response time by 30% using different caching strategies, assets management, and database querying optimization in MySQL
- Developed serverless web apps with Firebase and AWS
- Developed Database driven web app on AWS
- Developed AI-driven web apps using python, Django, Matlab
- Developed Automation bots with selenium and appium
- Google Ads, Bing Ads integration
- Implemented NLP solutions for Medical Service, Chatbot development
- Implemented AI, image processing solutions for Medical Service
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UpworkApril 2019 - August 2019

- Handled full stack programming tasks for the development of the business-critical single page application(SPA)
- Developed PWA web apps
- Developed an affiliate system for Lingerie products with 0.5M+ users
- Developed a secure online ID verification system that virtually eliminated fraud.
- Implemented NLP solutions for Medical Service, Chatbot development
- Developed Automation bots with selenium and appium
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NixJanuary 2018 - March 2019

- Implemented the set of new API endpoints related to the mission-critical external web apps
- Improved product aesthetic and UX of the high-volume online service, resulting in 62% increase in users
- Profiling, Troubleshooting & Bugs fixes for the business-critical progressive web application that helped to tune system performance and decrease average response time
- Reviewing the quality of code for the mission-critical online service maintaining code and design consistency across different team members
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Agile Infoways Pvt LtdApril 2015 - December 2017

- Fully automated infrastructure and environments cloud provisioning related to the critical external web app resulting in reduce of servers and infrastructure administration by 99%
- Developed javascript based components using React with client reports customized according to user
- Designed and implemented the 99.99% up-time REST API for the business-critical online service
- Performed cleansing operation on data generated from web logs with automated scripts in Python
- Created SQL server Integration Services (SSIS) packages for ETL process
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DiceusAugust 2014 - April 2015

- Designed and developed analysis systems to extract information from large scale data
- Predicted product sales to within 1.8% by applying logistic regression model
- Interpreted 300+ complex simulation datasets using statistical methods
- Developed theoretical proofs of math models for prediction
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SmartTechDecember 2013 - August 2014

- Designed and developed analysis systems to extract information from large scale data
- Optimized personalization algorithms for applications with 2M+ users
- Developed Car Number Recognition system
- Developed an app which detect AF in ECG
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Truelogic SoftwareMarch 2012 - September 2013

- Improved accuracy for prediction model by 22% using complex algorithms
- Designed and developed Mathematical Modelling for practical problems
- Designed and developed prediction Models

Mes compétences

Vue.js, Three.js, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL, Selenium, Seaborn, RxJS, Ruby on Rails, REST API, Redux, React.js, Python, PostgreSQL, PHP, NoSQL, Node.js, Nginx, Natural Language Processing (NLP), MySQL, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Matplotlib, Matlab, Machine Learning, Less, Laravel, Image Processing, HTML5, Heroku, Flask, ETL, ElasticSearch, Django, Digital Ocean, DialogFlow, D3.js, CSS3, Azure, AWS, ASP.NET, Artificial Intelligence, Appium, Apache Web Server, Apache, AngularJS, .NET Core, .NET