Nam D.

Full Stack Developer

525 dollar
5 ans

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House3dApril 2018 - January 2019

In charge of work including website application coding, database  design and administration, writing API for desktop application,  crawling data, training, linux server installation.  What I learn in this company:  - Team leader: how to split task and assign task to other  member, how to manager a project, how to spiritual  encouragement other member in team.  - Vagrant: using vagrant to create dev environment  - Yii2: strong and flexible framework  - API security: using token and SSO for authentication and  manager user accessibility  - Crawl data: how to crawl Data effective and quick  - MongoDB: understand how to work with noSQL  - Krpano: a js library to show panorama image  - Docker: using docker to deploy code  - CakePHP: beginner with CakePHP framework 

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CleverSoftMay 2017 - March 2018

Working as magento 2 developer and wordpress developer  Include job like fix bug, improve function for magento 2 extension and  theme.  Develop new plugin for wordpress, fix bug for wordpress theme.  Setup local server for magento team and wordpress team.  Support javascript for shopify team.  What I learn in this company:  - Team leader: assign task to other member.  - Centos 7: create dev environment for team with centos 7,  making it easy to deploy magento2 for other member of  company  - Wordpress: learn about create plugin for WP 

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RemoteMay 2014 - September 2016

Working remote as a magento developer with two magento extension:  Pickpack, AutoCn22.  Include job like fix bug, improve function, install extension on  customer site, create new function base on requirement.  What I learn in this company:  - Coding convention: how a good coding style will make your life  easier.  - Coding skill: design patterns  - Coding skill: improve performance of old code  - Coding skill: split big function to small function
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SmartOSCSeptember 2012 - April 2014

Working as a magento developer in a small team to build customer's  website with given requirement and deadline.  Include job like build backend function, customize 3rd party's  extension, research and find solution.  What I learn in this company:  - Jquery: using jquery to make animation at frontend  - Magento 1  - CSS, HTML 

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Startup Project ​May 2012 - August 2012

Join 2 man team to build an online learning website.  What I learn in this company:  - PHP  - MySQL  - Bootstrap 2  - Symfony  - Facebook API  - Google API

Mes compétences



Environment of Development





Bootstrap, WordPress, Magento 2, WooCommerce, CakePHP, jQuery, Magento, Symfony

Open Source solutions



CSS, JavaScript, Jscript, Python, HTML

IT Infrastructure

Docker, CentOS, Ubuntu, Linux

Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns




Yii Framework, 3D, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, industry~it, Developer, Team Leader, Chief Executive Officer, Back End, Linux Debian, Front End, Cascading Style Sheets, Yii2 DEV, Magento DEV, PHP dev, given design, dev, Wordpress Dev, Python Programming, Object Oriented Analysis/Design

Mes études et formations

BS, Information Technology - Hanoi University of Business and Technology2007 - 2011