Bogdan V.

Lead Developer

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20 ans

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Deutcshe BankMay 2017 - Présent

Team Lead for the Hadoop and Big Data Team at Deutsche Bank in Bucharest for a bank-critical project there. For this work we use cutting-edge technologies such as Hadoop, Big Data and SQL Hive. Mastery of Hadoop and Big Data technologies, including detailed steps for data ingestion and data storage, using Oracle RDBMS, flat files and documents, into the Hadoop HDFS file system. Also used the Hadoop Hive and Cloudera Impala Hadoop data processing frameworks extensively, to process vendor-specific large volumes of data inside our Secure Data Lake. Mastery of the Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) component, used as the predominant ETL tool at Deutsche Bank, for the Extract, Transform and Load processes in this complex data-warehouse environment at DB.
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VaubanDecember 2016 - Présent

Group Lead for Oracle and BI internal and external (client-based) projects. Involved with overseeing and resolving technical challenges imposed by these different projects in the Oracle and business intelligence domains. This involves the full project lifecycle methodology and steps like high-level design, detailed design, implementation, unit testing, integration testing and client acceptance phases.
Key skills include mastery of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL as well as PostgreSQL and DB2, wide experience with Cognos BI as well as Talend and Informatica PowerCenter ETL tools, Linux and UNIX server-side shell scripts and configuration, as well as SQL query optimization involving using indexes, clustered indexes, materialized views, hints and so on. I am currently in a project at Deutsche Bank in Bucharest in the AFC (anti-financial crime) department in the Stop Sampling in Deutschland (SSIDE) program. For this work we use cutting-edge technologies such as Hadoop and Big Data. The data modeling for this Hadoop environment consists of the business-related Business Vocabulary and Generic Model, and then the Hadoop-related specific model along with the physical model and Data Lake repositories which are stored in Hadoop HDFS and HBase. The Oracle Financial Services Data Model is used as a pre-agreed generic template for behavior detection, detection results and investigation management.
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Spearline LabsMarch 2016 - October 2016

A. Activities:
1. Assisting with the sourcing and setup of a satellite office in Bucharest which is responsible for the development of Mobile Telecommunications software.
2. Implementing IT projects and initiatives locally as well as internationally, and ensuring that all deliverable solutions meet the required time, cost, scope and quality standards.
3. Own the engagement, hiring and retention of the development team, as well as leading and mentoring the development team.
4. Set clear and measurable quality goals for the team. Working closely with internal teams to execute a number of key work-streams.
5. Understand the integration methods of the current technology in the client environment.
6. Constantly developing and improving standards and systems.
B. Achievements:
1. Made Spearline Labs SRL functional and operational in Romania quicker than the agreed timeline.
2. Created various quizzes for new candidates for JavaScript, PHP, Node.js and MySQL to measure aptitude of new candidates for various development roles.
3. Set clear and measurable quality goals for the Bucharest team, and worked closely with the head office in Skibbereen Ireland to ensure a smooth and transparent development process across the entire company.
4. Studied and understood the integration methods of the current technology in the client environment. Leveraged the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to provide scalable computing capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for Spearline Labs.
5. Introduced and documented usage of Eclipse PHP IDE as well as MobaXterm and MySQL Workbench tools for standardizing development at Spearline Labs uniformly for all existing and new developers.
6. Created documents for migrating MySQL databases, tables, functions and procedures to MariaDB, and created realistic migration plans based on these.
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EBS RomaniaSeptember 2013 - February 2016

A. Activities:
•    1. Working on various Oracle and Datawarehouse projects using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle Warehousebuilder (OWB);
•    2. Resolving bugs, change requests (CRs) and new development projects for end customers;
•    3. Production support and development using Oracle 11gR2 and Oracle 12c databases;
•    4. Quality Assurance tasks for production environment;
•    5. Participating in design and implementation for general Datawarehouse migration and optimization projects;
•    6. Test Analyst and Senior C++ Developer role: expertise in continuous integration systems (Jenkins and CruiseControl), principles of Context-Driven Testing, Unit Testing of various interfaces, Forms, Reports, conversions and enhancements; expertise in developing the regression suite for custom code development in OWB; experience in Functional Testing, Agile Testing, Regression Testing and Integration Testing and expertise in creating Test Estimations, Test Cases/Scenarios, Test Plans, Test Procedures and analyzing Test Results and Test documentation and Test Metrics.
•    Used the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) ODBC API to create a working prototype for SQL batch inserts. Using polymorphism, created a new CLxRecordset3 class by deriving it from its predecessor CLxRecordset2: its purpose is to deal exclusively with batch inserts, so have overridden its methods accordingly.
•    Used the PIMPL pointer to implementation C++ design pattern extensively throughout the new design and created relevant Test Cases and documented these based on realistic usage of SQL DML for client-specific applications across the board.
B. Core Competencies:
•    Software and Database design and architecture; extensive Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle SQL & PL/SQL skills;
•    Experience with Informatica PowerCenter for migration projects;
•    Experience with Oracle Warehousebuilder (OWB) for production support and development for current architecture; Java and C++ know-how and experience for related development tasks;
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SkyConsult Support ServicesSeptember 2012 - September 2013

Position: IT Operations Manager at SkyConsult Support Services for Rompetrol client in Bucharest Romania, and primarily involved with the following Tasks and Responsibilities:
•    1. Identified enhancements to improve supportability, operability and performance of platforms, and developed supporting business cases for suggested enhancements; collected, analyzed and reported SLA and other metrics data and took corrective actions;
•    2. Administered and monitored daily systems to ensure minimum disruption to production environments.
•    3. Worked with rest of the organization to ensure appropriate prioritization for scheduled maintenance, including coordination of priorities across Rompetrol applications when required; coordinated approvals of production changes and migrations; assisted technical staff to verify and ensure resolution of all issues to achieve the objectives planned;
•    4. Identified and implemented continuous improvement initiatives for my Tier 2 Engineering Team; managed direct and indirect resources and vendors and maintained or prepared all paperwork for these activities; participated in the budget setting process including justification of planned staffing levels.
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XScores Consulting Ltd.September 2009 - September 2012

Position: Senior Development Manager for XScores Consulting Ltd. managing a team of 10 Java Linux and Oracle PL/SQL developers and primarily involved with the following work activities:
1. Team leading and supervising: mentoring the Java, Linux and Oracle PL/SQL developers on my team at XScores, performing Code Reviews, and people and team development. Constantly improving internal processes in Project Management, Application Development, and Quality Assurance areas at XScores. Also performing budget planning for various portfolio-managed IT projects at XScores Consulting, either new projects or enhancements to existing projects.
2. IT Manager Role: acquisition of new Linux and Oracle Servers, configuration, installation and setup on Linux Ubuntu, Fedora, and Red Hat Linux flavors and Oracle 11gR2 Database, Java development with Eclipse Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ), CometD protocol reviews with Netty Server implementation on
3. Java Development on Testing, pre-Production and Production Linux Servers at XScores: also implementing Linux Security using Fail2ban and Linux groups, and automation tools such as CruiseControl using ANT Tasks, etc. as well as extensive Oracle PL/SQL development and XScores Production configuration and enhancements to Oracle Streams replication on Oracle 11gR2 database: further technical details available upon request.
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BVO Innovative Consulting SRLAugust 2008 - September 2009

Position: Technical Director and Administrator for self-founded company BVO Innovative Consulting SRL involved with the following Work Activities:
1. Creation of Client-Oriented Software. Provision of IT Consultancy and Management, as well as Administration and Usage of Client-Oriented Software.
2. License to sell both new and modified Client-Oriented Software, including commerce with related Software and Peripherals for developed Systems and/or Software for Customers.
3. Editing and Modification of existing Game Software and various other Software, for example modification and re-engineering of existing Lottery Games for Editec Development Bucuresti SRL.
4. Data Processing and Administration of Web Pages, Web Portals, and related activities.
5. License for IT Activities with News Agencies and various required and relevant Consultancy in the Public Relations and Communications Domains.
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ditec Development Bucuresti SRLApril 2008 - September 2008

Position: Team Leader Development involved with the following Work Activities:
1. Leading Software Developers Staff on Development Team, defining and dispatching work for the Team, and updating Planning on a continuous basis.
2. Researching, Designing, Writing and Testing new Software Programs. Developing existing Systems by analyzing and identifying Areas for modification. ‘Bolting together’ existing software products, ie. getting incompatible Platforms to work together and creating Code to link them.
3. Investigating New Technologies and working with various Computer Coding Languages, such as Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET, C, C++ and C#, Visual C++ and MFC ( Microsoft Foundation Classes ), Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 with T-SQL, Crystal Reports 2008, and other languages.
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Microsoft RomaniaApril 2007 - March 2008

April 2007 – Present: Microsoft Romania SRL,
Advanced SQL Support Unit, Microsoft Customer Support Services, Str.Tudor Arghezi Nr.8-10, Bucharest,Romania
Position: Senior SQL Support Engineer involved with various Aspects of Microsoft SQL Server Issues including the following:
1.    Implementing SQL Server Databases
2.    Maintaining SQL Server Databases
3.    Designing SQL Server Server-Side Solutions
4.    Tuning and Optimizing Queries Using SQL Server
5.    Designing a SQL Server Infrastructure
6.    Designing Security for SQL Server
7.    Troubleshooting and Optimizing Database Servers Using Microsoft SQL Server:
8.    Practical Troubleshooting Issues for the Database Engine
Position: Senior SQL Support Engineer involved with various Aspects of Microsoft SQL Server Issues including the following:
1. Implementing SQL Server Databases: Creating Databases and Database Files, Creating Data Types and Tables, Using XML, Creating and Tuning Indexes, Implementing Data Integrity, Implementing Views, Implementing Stored Procedures and Functions, Implementing Managed Code in the Database, and Using Service Broker.
2. Maintaining SQL Server Databases: Installing and Configuring SQL Server, Managing Databases and Files, Disaster Recovery, Managing Security, Monitoring SQL Server, Transferring Data, Automating Administrative Tasks, Maintaining High Availability, and Replication Scenarios.
3. Designing SQL Server Server-Side Solutions: Selecting SQL Server Services that Support Business Needs, Designing Security Strategies, Designing Data Modeling Strategies, Designing Transaction Strategies for SQL Server Solutions
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Credit Suisse Financial ServicesMarch 2001 - March 2007

Technology & Services, Advanced Middleware & Development Environments, Postfach 600, CH-8070 Zürich, Switzerland.
Position 1: Professional System Engineer involved in various Advanced Middleware Issues such as Considering Client Interests and Requirements and Looking for Solutions in these Areas. Product Responsible Person for the Quality Management Bridge Version 1. This Infrastructure Application supports the Centralized and Fully Automated Deployment of Tower Applications at Credit Suisse: Installation and Setup, CVS Repository and Tower Framework Setup, Development, Local Build and Deploy, Central Build and Verify Central Build Results. Handled 3rd Level Support Issues for Rational Rose and JBuilder Products. Product Responsible Person for the Concurrent Versions System ( CVS ) Version Control System used on a Production Server at Credit Suisse to Record the History of Source Files in Projects.

Mes compétences



Environment of Development



ASP.NET, UML, JavaScript, T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, C#, C/C++, Visual Basic, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, Java, HTML



Analysis methods and tools

Subversion (svn), Erwin

IT Infrastructure

Unix, Linux

Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse, Crystal Reports


Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server


Database Design

Mes études et formations

Master's degree - Advanced Oracle DBA Courses - Advanced Oracle Courses in Zurich, Switzerland2001 - 2007

BSc Honours - Computer Science and Mathematics - The University of British Columbia1990 - 1995