François-Julien A.


1953 dollar
14 ans

Mon expérience

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MokriyaNovember 2015 - Présent

Building and leading Mobile apps for world’s top businesses including Intel, Google, L’Oréal,Twitter and many others.

Implementing and enforcing full DevOps pipeline for our clients :
- Versionning good practices (Git Flow, Code review)
- Linting (SwiftLint)
- CI (using or Jenkins)
- CD (using HockeyApp, Fabric or Fastlane)
- Crash report system (Crashlytics)
- Analytics (Flurry, Fabric, Google Analytics)
- Full Notification flow using Slack
- Scripting (using Bash and Swift) to automate processes

Planning and organizing the first company retreat in Switzerland !
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FreelanceJune 2011 - Présent

Over the years, I worked on iOS and web apps that have won awards, been featured by Apple and reached the top of the App Store rank.
I have extensive experience working with early stage start-ups and helping them to build quick prototypes for market validation.
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Lunettes Pour TousOctober 2014 - August 2015

Missions :
- Architecture & design
- Scrum mentoring and evangelization (Planning poker, daily scrum, demo, retrospective...)
- Industrialization of processes : development, integration, delivery, monitoring, tools
- Talent recruitment and management (7 people)
- Coaching/Mentoring junior developers on best practices (iOS, PHP & Ruby)
- Developing on PHP & Objective-C
- Migrate all solutions from dedicated servers to cloud solutions for high availability and scalability (Heroku, AWS S3, AWS RDS... )
- IT Support to other departments (Sales, Accounting etc...)
- Create a Call Center, Implement IT ticketing solution (ZenDesk) and training staff

Projects to manage :
- Multiple iOS enterprise apps
- PHP web apps on custom framework
- Ruby on Rails web app
- Ruby Event machine web app for realtime data
- Raspberry Pi for dedicated tasks (automatic printing, display video or website...)
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Yellow Pages Group / Groupe Pages Jaunes – CanadaJuly 2014 - October 2014

YP iPhone / iPad application - featured multiple times by Apple on their app store.

- Web services api calls
- JSON parsing
- Health app status and real time tracking with different tools
- UX and UI analysis
- Support between teams (QA, Business and Dev's).
- AGILE methodology (Scrum)
- Strong team motivation skills & high contagious synergy
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MerchlarAugust 2012 - July 2014

Involved on each iOS project life cycle from the creative step (brainstorming, UI/UX, R&D…) to the production step (software development, testing, QA, deployment…).

Improvement of the internal workflow management of the company :

- Implementing project management tools (Tasks, cloud File-hosting...).
- Versionning with Git.
- Build fast and easy back-end using BaaS (Parse).
- Advising my superior for technical issue/decision.
- Advising marketers (tools to use, how to analyse statistics, how to use push notifications, how to use social sharing...)
- Creating static libraries and frameworks to make production faster.
- Implementing service for every projects like Crashlytics (crash reports), UrbanAirship (push notifications), Parse (BaaS), Flurry (Analytics) etc....

I created products and services for leading Canadian brands such as such as Ubisoft, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Bell, LG2, Sidlee, Desjardins Bank, and Alliance Films.
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SUPINFOMarch 2011 - June 2013

Teaching iOS development initiation courses to SUPINFO student.

Location : Marseille (France), Orleans (France), Toulouse (France), Grenoble (France), Montreal

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Totum PassDecember 2011 - August 2012

Totum Pass is a mobile social app where you can share and discover new & exciting places in your local city with friend recommendations.
Concept : Recommend your buddies to that amazing burger place you discovered last night, receive a personal recommendation to that great bar all your friends have been raving about, and have all of it safely stored and accessible on your phone.
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Wordans.comApril 2012 - June 2012

Learning the basic Ruby on Rails development.
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StratisJanuary 2011 - June 2011

Developing a framework who can easily produce apps for the same kind of clients (mostly municipal

Features was created modularly who can be easily added/removed in any project.
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AutrementMarch 2010 - November 2010

Learn the basic of iPhone development and produce an iPhone app for a hotel comparator website

One of the first app on the App store with geo-located augmented reality using ARKit and OpenCV.
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Pizza PregoJuly 2008 - June 2010

Daily supervise every aspect of the Pizzeria.

The training, education, and supervision of all restoration employees (Delivery Man, cleaning crews...).

Maintenance and inspection of all crews, vehicles, and equipment

Mes compétences

XML, Web Applications, UX Design, UI Design, Swift, Subversion (svn), Solidity, Software Development, Scrum, Ruby on Rails, REST, React.js, Objective-C, Node.js, MySQL, Mobile, Mac OS X, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, iOS, HTML5, Git, Blockchain, AWS, Agile Methodology