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Marian I.

Mobile Developer

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4 ans
Bruxelles, BELGIQUE

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Cult of CodersApril 2018 - Présent

▪ Developed a CI/CD automated build system based on Appcenter, Bitbucket and fastlane with the end goal of automating publishing to the public mobile app stores. Replaced the default bundler (metro) with Haul because allowed me to access the webpack ecosystem (Running the app and the storybook in the same time on different ports). ▪ Fully developed and deployed an app by myself being the only React Native Developer in company. ▪ Written over 7 articles on React Native that should be published soon as a guide for future developers. ▪ Developed a internal boilerplate that includes basic workflows for an app (onboarding, auth, the app based on bottom tab navigation), i18n, folder structure, integration with Appcenter, apollo client configuration etc) ▪ Developed an Apollo Link (soon will be publicly publish as a npm package) for handling the offline mode in React Native. ▪ Marketing being one of my passions I helped the team with ASO, configured the app for firebase analytics in order to give them more insights on our users.
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 Curriculum vitae Marian Iordache
▪ Tech lead on another application that is scheduled to be released on 10 may. My main duties were to create the right environment for team, trained 2 new guys in React Native, research on finding the best solutions for our client, integrated a few SDKs, monitor the performance based on different devices and created a couple of animations. (

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-January 2018 - Présent

PoRT (2018) - I'm creating a tool responsible for gathering all the reports of different kinds of pollution against the environment and display all the data on a map. The project is a simple one and helps me to improve my skills with React.js, Leaflet and interactions with different APIs

U R Web (2017) - I developed this project because I wanted to find a better way to give 'intelligent' information about different point of interests in your area, using Low Energy Bluetooth/QR codes, if you are in point of interest's radius. The application is created mainly in ruby on rails framework but there are used also other technologies. It provided me the opportunity to learn more about OpenStreetMap, Mapbox+Leaflet.

Classification of resumes (2017) - I was part of a small agile team that aimed to create a database with relevant data from the CVs. My task was to design the application using ArgoUML and to create a database hosted on AWS.
Monitor And Logs (2016) - Developed a Linux monitoring daemon processes in C. It offered statistics of all the processes running on your server, CPU Usage, memory load average, connected users, uptime, etc. It provided me the opportunity to improve C skills.

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Freelancer - RemoteJanuary 2018 - Présent

▪ Lead Developer at a startup based in New York. I'm working with them from January 2018 and my main duties are: ▫ consulting for offering the best user experience through the app ▫ wireframing + defining the concept ▫ back end development (meteor.js + graphql) ▫ front end development (react native + graphql + redux + redux sagas) ▪ I handled a few tasks for a client from Canada for about 2 weeks. He has a product in IoT oil & energy industry and my main duties was to offer for two clients of him different graphs with data taken from sensors. ▪ Worked closely 4 months with a client from Paris, France on an application in medical industry, my focus was on ▫ syncing data between mobile application, web application and database ▫ migrating from an older version of react native (0.47) to a newer one (0.57) ▫ fixing performance and design issues. ▫ integrating a strategy for giving local notifications even if the user is offline.

Mes compétences


React Native


Internet of Things, Front End, Back End, REACTJS, Interpersonal skills, Managerial Skills, Freelancer, communication skills, Romanian, C Programming Language, Lead developer, French, USER EXPERIENCE, English, React Native Developer, C skills, Public Speaking, Tech Lead

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Apache Maven, Confluence, ArgoUML

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Git


Redux, Meteor


Problem Solving, Wireframes, Analytics, Teamwork, Negotiation, Mobile, Fastlane, Bitbucket, API, Time Management


JavaScript, GraphQL

Environment of Development

XCode 4, Xcode, Maven, Android Studio


MobX, React.js, Apollo Client, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Mes études et formations

- - Faculty of Computer Science2015 -