Florian M.

Mobile Developer

690 dollar
12 ans
Annecy, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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Swisscom Digital TechnologyJuly 2017 - Présent

Web and native mobile development projects
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Dassault SystemesSeptember 2012 - July 2017

Built a web app platform to easily create and build websites. Users could instantiate a platform and start creating their website thanks to default layouts such as tabs or grids and out of the box navigation. I focused on server side rendering for performances and SEO purpose. [HTML First, Web Components, J2EE, Spring]

Established a software factory and deployment pipelines for the above-mentioned platform. From push and build on Gitlab to staging environments deployed thanks to a Docker infrastructure. This was the cornerstone to ensure code maturity and a proper continuous integration. [Gitlab, Jenkins, Docker, TeamCity, Bash]

Built a dashboarding web app based on the Widget specification. Developers were able to share their own packaged web app (Widget) to make it available and runnable in the dashboard. Therefore, I worked on Javascript runtime isolation and third party code execution security. [AMD, Spring, Frame]

Designed core and UI frameworks. I was in charge of providing core components and UI controls to ease development and unify the visual experience within all of Dassault Systemes web apps. [Vanilla JS, HTML, Sass]
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NokiaSeptember 2009 - September 2012

Software/Web Engineer
Dates EmployedSep 2011 – Sep 2012
Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
Developed a web app for managing network equipments. Users were able to choose an equipment and enter some parameters to easily generate their configuration file. [PHP, MySQL, JS, JQuery, File IO]

TitleSoftware Developer & Engineer Trainee
Dates EmployedSep 2010 – Sep 2011
Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
Developed a desktop application for network architecture design. This software provided users with a way to design a network adding devices to then simulate its behavior. [VB.NET, C#, WPF]

TitleIntegrator Developer and Engineer Trainee
Dates EmployedSep 2009 – Sep 2010
Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
Developed a telecom platform offering VoIP, instant messaging, visio-conference, VoD services (IMS) from architecture design to integration and tests. [Bash, Networking, HTML, JS, JQuery]
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Sysun TechnologiesApril 2009 - June 2009

Built an in-house web based tool to manage clients, orders and contracts for a French telecom company. [PHP, Zend, MySQL, JS, JQuery]

Mes compétences


Angular, WPF, jQuery, Spring




Shell, Swift, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Java, Java EE, VB.NET

Environment of Development


Analysis methods and tools




IT Infrastructure

Docker, iOS, Mac OS, Docker Swarm, Unix, Windows



Mes études et formations

- Engineer Degree, Master - École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologies2009 - 2012

- DUT Réseaux et Télécommunications - IUT de Rouen2007 - 2009