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Andrei V.


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IBMAugust 2015 - Présent

Android development for the IBM Insurance Service Hub (ISH).
ISH is a communication platform that connects health insurance companies
with multiple data providers such as clinics and physicians, as well as
customers via their mobile devices to effectively exchange information.

The IBM final product is called "GesundheitsApp", an
application which encapsulates three sub-applications: IBM FotoApp, IBM
BluePostbox and IBM Gesundheitsakte.
▪    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, implement, and ship new features;
▪    Android Studio, GCM, Data binding, XML, JSON, Activity lifecycle, ProGuard ,Shared
Preferences & SQLite, Kotlin, RxKotlin,  multithreading programming and other framework elements;

▪ Write using JUnit and Espresso frameworks Unit and
Instrumentation tests for code robustness, including edge cases,
usability, and general reliability;
▪    Jenkins continuous integration;
▪    Git source code management;
▪    Scrum working approach.
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FreelanceFebruary 2014 - July 2015

Getting android projects from around the world, implementing
projects as per requirements with specific deadlines.

Mes compétences

Retrofit 2, Kotlin, Koin, Java, Google Play Services, Dagger 2, Android Architecture Components, Android, Gradle, ProGuard