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Index promocija dooJuly 2021 - Présent

• Developing and leading the product lifecycle;
• Coordination of B2B relations;
• Defining a vision and strategy for the product;
• Prioritizing product features;
• Communicating the product vision across the organization;
• Reporting and coordinating with the rest of the organization;
• Recruitment and training of the new team member’s;
• Continuous market analysis.
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Infostud 3 doo - polovniautomobili.comJanuary 2020 - July 2021

• Continuous analysis of domain markets;
• Defining a vision and strategy for the product;
• Prioritizing product features and capabilities;
• Recruitment, training, and mentoring of new team member’s;
• The leading of strategic projects.
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Infostud 3 doo - polovniautomobili.comApril 2017 - January 2020

• Organizing the work of the business development team;
• Implementation of new product development processes and methodologies;
• Defining the product strategy, participation in defining the business strategy, defining the teams and team member’s personal OKRs;
• Recruitment of new team members, following and help with individual members personal development, team problem solving;
• Developing and maintaining a good relationship with external partners;
• Leading the multifunctional product development group (defining KPIs, defining the vision and strategy, roadmap, fazes, MVPs);
• Leading bigger projects and multifunctional groups;
• Responsibility for the team's results.
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Infostud 3 doo - polovniautomobili.comOctober 2016 - January 2019

• Creating an environment that sustains the theory, best practices, and rules of Agile and Scrum methodologies;
• Provide help in building trust between team member’s;
• Facilitating Daily standup, Backlog, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Review, and Sprint Leading strategic projects Planning meetings;
• Help in the preservation of teams focus and finding solutions for potential problems inside or outside of the team, with the goal of preserving continuous development;
• Implementation and maintaining the Agile principles within the team, and the business;
• Ensuring that Scrum and Agile methodologies are understood, respected, and adapted through the organization;
• Maintaining good information flow between team member’s, stakeholders, and other teams;
• Encouragement and preservation of self-organization;
• Introducing new collaboration tools: ActiveCollab, PivotalTracker, Trello;
• Protecting the team from external and internal influences and removing impediments.
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Infostud 3 doo - polovniautomobili.comSeptember 2012 - April 2017

• Gathering information from stakeholders across the company;
• Leading projects with other team member’s (programmers and designers, sales, customer support, and marketing) on four platforms: web site, mobile site, Android, and iOS;
• Defining the project scope, goals, setting the hypothesis, measurements, deadlines, and phases;
• Working with external partners on projects for Android and iOS platforms;
• Questioning the function and influence of existing functionalities and products for the end customer, as well as creating new products that ensure value for the end-user and the business;
•  Exploring and testing user experience with online tools (MixPanel, HotJar, GoogleAnalytics, A/B testing), as well as offline testing using prototypes;
• Creating MVPs;
• Product discovery;
• Manual testing of software and functionalities.

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UX, Time Management, Teamwork, Sales, Product Management, Product Discovery, Problem Solving, Marketing, Lean, Kanban, iOS, Customer Support, Customer relationship management, Communication, Business Manager, Business Analysis, Android, Agile Methodology, Agile