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4piliersJanuary 2019 - Présent

4piliers is a company aimed at people wanting to develop their businesses, or to fulfill themselves personally. We work around 4 pillars: Personal Development, Business, Immovable and Stock Exchange.

The objective of this website is to give solutions that we tested to become independent intellectually and financially. Man is the basis of all companies, that's why we think we need to develop our own capabilities to be solid and develop strong projects!

Skills developed:
- Design and manage a website
- Design a marketing campaign and create sales tools
- Animate and manage a blog
- Ensure a technological watch
- Ensure a follow-up of customers
- Organize the launch of a product
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AproPLANSeptember 2018 - December 2018

Strategize with Account Executives on which companies to target. Find the relevant contacts within those companies and reach out via email, LinkedIn and/or phone.

Build up connections and educate your target audience on mobile sales enablement.

Qualify prospects & set up meetings for sales. Collaborate with Marketing to ensure a constant flow of quality leads.

Work towards a monthly sales target.
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EXA ECSNovember 2015 - November 2018

EXA ECS is a company specialized in energy, wiring and safety since 1994. We design, build, install and support your network infrastructure projects, all through our technical expertise.

In charge of the response to the calls for tenders:
- Realization of the technical briefs and memory
- Realization of the price of the project
- Realization of the preliminary studies
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Bouygues ImmobilierOctober 2017 - February 2018

During my schooling at ESIGELEC, I realized a response to a call for tenders for Bouygues Immobilier with 3 other collaborators. The project involved the construction of a student residence on Caen on electricity lots: High current & Low current.

We arrived 1st on the ranking in answers to this call for tender. During this project I developed my abilities to manage a team and to meet the requirements of the client. We submitted a complete file including: the technical brief, the DPGF, the complete and detailed planning, the authorizations, the certifications, the progress curve, the cash flow curve, ... I thus understood all the points relating to the response to a call for tender.

Skills developed:
- Management of a team
- Planning of a project
- Management of the customers
- Realization of a call for public market
- Realization of the defense of a call for public market
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I was project manager on a PING: Engineering Project in ESIGELEC curses. The project developed during this period is named: "Insect Box", it's a continuation of the project started at the "Entrepreneuriales" that you can also find in my CV.

The developed part of the project was the regulation part of the insect breeding. So with my team, we made a state of the art of all the existing systems, realized the electronic boards and the 3D modeling of our solution before realizing it concretely.

Skills developed:
- Management and management of a team
- Project planning
- Budget monitoring & Financial analysis of the project
- Modeling 3D object with SolidWorks
- Making a state of the art on systems
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Les entrepreneurialesNovember 2016 - April 2017

The "entrepreneuriale" allow students to learn to create a company, their methods: "learning by doing" to know how to assemble his company tomorrow.

During the entrepreneuriale project, my team and I took the "Insect Box" project. Personal project, designed to produce insects in an automated way. We met many professionals during this period and we were supervised by a tutor and a sponsor who brought us a lot in terms of knowledge.

I organized and planned the whole project, I developed my skills by confronting them in the ground. We made progress all along the project and we had very good feedback. The project is still running today and the breeding of insects is operational.

Skills developed :
- Project management
- Project planning
- Project pitch

Mes compétences


Project Management, Marketing, Google AdWords, Design thinking, E-commerce, Management

Open Source solutions


Application servers


Web Analysis and Statistic

Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Google Ads




After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro


Business model, Microsoft Office

Mes études et formations

Certifications - Kokoroe2019

Certifications - OpenClassrooms2019

Engineering degree, Generalist Engineering - Specialty: Electrical Engineering and Transportation - ESIGELEC : ÉCOLE D'INGÉNIEURS-ES GÉNÉRALISTES2012 - 2018

Continuing Education, Business & Personal Development - Academy ZÉROLIMITE2017