Pablo Salomon C.


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IBMMarch 2019 - Présent

Working for the USAA project, given automation test service to a Deposit project testing all the features, virtualizing services, verifying REST and SOAP services, validating request and responses.
Using Agile methodology with Jira, creating test plan, test cases, automating with ReadyAPI, SOAP UI, Cucumber, Junit, Mocks, DevTest Portal, Eclipse
Spring Framework and using GIT as repository deployed in Openshift environments.
I'm giving support of all the technologies mentioned above and I'm in charge of giving the sign off for every requirement. In this moment I'm very familiar with services, security and bank process for deposits accounts.
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IBMJune 2017 - March 2019

Giving support to all members of Morgan Stanley project (MS), correct and give solutions to all problems they face day to day.
Using Excel and ALM queries designing a report that was exactly what customers were looking for, I automate the creation of this report, reducing the
time from 4 Hrs to 15 min, avoiding human errors and making the automation alert of user errors since source files.
Propose an create a solution tool for managers, to validate and control the human resources time sheets, vacations, holydays and payments. This tool reduced the time from 16 Hrs to a few seconds.
Giving training of development to all Morgan Stanley members and creating manuals for common requests from leads.

Working with UFT to automate the account creation, funding process, cards transaction, approve process, saving around 40 hours by release for each team. This automation is getting bigger adding new flows and making automation report problems to error owner team
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IntelOctober 2016 - June 2017

Debugging issues in platforms to find the Change List (CL) that break the features, making code integrations in perforce of RSTe, uCode, SPS, Fort Park, Cristal Ridge, ME11 BBS and ACM in different branches, automating integrations process with Python, using Perforce Library. I design a program with base model XML files, where the automation read and XML and read the steps and execute the instructions in the XML to make all the changes needed to complete the integration.
Working with Crystal Ridge Technology (CR), I’m in charge to debug issues and set all memories with the specific configurations needed, I create a manual that facilitates this process that could take 1 day just to set correctly one platform. I have to give support to people from EEUU and others parts from the world.
Working with hardware, setting all the gadgets in the platforms to make them boot correctly and send all information to the host. I worked with RSC2, Dediprog, EM100, MCCI, Expansion Cards, Cristal Ridge Memories, FPGA, Custom Platforms and automating some tests with tools like CAF and FITT to reproduce some issues.
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EtytecJanuary 2015 - October 2016

Developing in VB, C#, Javascript, ASPX and Android, using windows mobile with Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, .Net V4.5 SQL CE, SQL 2008
SQL 2012. Using RFID technology (Impinj Readers, Handheld devices and Printers) to create a traceability solution to customers.
In charge to get the requirements from customers create a proposal and implement it or be the project leader. In order to have the work done, I have meetings whit customers to analyze the problem, visit the customer installations and then create a solution with Software or/and Technology. I need to know all the customer process to give a solution, and then scheduled times for the project and plan deliverables. I manage and being part in all phases of all the life cycle process since the lifting requirement, design, development, test, implementation with customer, following after release and maintenance if needed.
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HerbalifeSeptember 2013 - September 2014

Working as Business Analyst of the application OLC, I was in charge of request the information to the stakeholders guide them to find what they want, review the customer requirements, analyze them and create design documents for the development team. Also after the implementation my work was to follow up and advice QA members to test, my role was involved in all the areas from Design, Development and Testing, I was also in charge to provide production support to customers with issues in the application. I was involved in the planning of each project iteration and create the tasks for the team members and monitoring all the areas in the project.
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Intel CorporationMarch 2012 - March 2013

Working as a member of FITT Team having every day scrum meetings, automate the test cases of a smoke cycle (minimal tests that new bios should pass) for two different Bios projects in the new uServer segment (Avoton and Centerton based in Atom processors). I learned how to develop in Python and how to debug the Bios using the serial output of the Host. I had to configure hardware and software tools to be able to control the different Hosts using
FITT web interface. I was in charge of setting up platforms with the proper hardware and software environment required to finish the automated cycle.
I had to give estimates of times, code reviews and have a status meeting by phone every Week with the manager.
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IBM Global ServicesApril 2010 - March 2012

I got the responsibility to analyze requirements and implement maintenance fixes and minor enhancements to the project I work for. I am in charge of planning these requirements, evaluating risks and assign workloads; as well as fixing problems and design solutions with high priority that come directly from our customers. I have to keep track of these in order to prevent future failures. I acquired and applied skills for code review procedures, and give training to new members of the team. Estimate and negotiate releases with project managers. And learned to apply several testing procedures (Functional verification, System integration, Unit test, etc.) before a beta is released. At this point, I am very familiar with the entire software life cycle.
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IBM Global ServicesJuly 2008 - April 2010

Worked managing the entire build and release process, administrating new code and fixes. Created different environment configurations in order to create betas from different releases and different projects with last information obtained from source databases updated. Implemented automated beta creation using NAnt, bat files, Excel macros, and automated data insertion on the project's databases (which contained a considerable quantity of data: software, prices, service packs, IBM products, etc). In this way I improved the build process so that we could release several betas in just one day, and saved 3 days in total for each release cycle. I was in charge too of maintaining and administrate Windows servers and SQL databases. I had to give status to both project managers co-workers and customers in US, England, Brazil and India. This process helped my team to get the CMMi level 5 certification.
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IBM Global ServicesDecember 2006 - June 2008

Worked as maintenance developer for SSCT project. This project gives full support, data maintenance and implements new enhancements to the SSCT application which is used by business partners and IBM consultors worldwide to configure from a single server to complex system environments, giving the option to manage each unit separately, add or remove options and adapt the solution according to each customer's needs. My role here was receiving requirements for releases planned every fifteen days, these requirements consisted on data updates for servers compatibilities and several components
(HDDs, processors, System x servers, Chassis, PCI cards, controllers, etc.).
I used XML, Visual studio 2008 and there was a native language to establish compatibilities and rules between components.
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FreelanceMarch 2005 - November 2006

Worked as a freelancer developing various applications using HTML, PHP, Javascript and C++. Systems to obtain the smaller cost to buy and store products in a warehouse, web applications. Performed my internship in PEMEX developing web systems and systems supporting.

Mes compétences

XML, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, Waterfall, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Basic, Test Planning, Test Execute, Test design, Test Cases, Test automation, Teamwork, System administration, SQL, Spring, Spanish, Software Development, SoapUI, SOAP API, SOAP, Sikuli, Server Management, SAP, RPG, RFID, REST, Rational Team Concert, Quality Assurance, Python, PHP, Perforce, Openshift, NAnt, MySQL, Mockups, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Office Pack, Microsoft Excel, Mercurial, Lotus, JUnit, Jira, JavaScript, Java Beans, Java, HTML, Git, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, DevTest, Debugging, Cucumber, Crystal, CMVC, C++, C#, Business Objects, Business Analysis, Ant, Android SDK, Android, Agile Methodology, Agile, .NET