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Smart Apprentices(Remote)November 2019 - Présent

The projects purpose was to automate the technical debt of product backlog items that required specflow test automation.

This role required analysis of the backlog items and existing automation steps to either reuse or create new methods for automation.

Smart apprentices have a very comprehensive test framework in place so gaining a good understanding of where to reuse existing methods and create new methods was the main requirement for the role.

Selenium C# in conjunction with specflow and MStest was used to create automated test cases. Various API helpers were used to position up tests prior to the UI being tested.

Azure devops was used for checking in of code and managing builds and deployments.
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CoditJune 2019 - November 2019

The projects purpose was to re-create the functionality of a SAP application that is used for processing of Orders for Maps for the Ordnance Survey using Microsoft Azure logic applications.

The application under test consists of Microsoft Azure Logic applications that replicate the business functionality of the SAP application.

For this role the task was to undertake detailed analysis of the existing system, understand the construction of Sap IDOC messages and corresponding Edifact messages. Testing involved the use of Postman to make rest calls to Microsoft APIM. Postman was mainly used for the manual side of the testing and corresponding
SpecFlow C# scripts were put in place to test the calls to APIM and validate various Azure cloud tables.
Additionally Powershell Pester tests were created to validate the correct deployment of Microsoft Azure logic applications.
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InveniasOctober 2018 - June 2019

Invenias produce software for the Executive recruitment market and are part of Bullhorn.

The projects purpose was to port an application created with Office and WPF to Angular.
The application under test consists of an angular application with SQL databases hosted on Azure. Provisioning is achieved using tools such as Swagger and builds and deployments are run using Azure. The project uses a concept of rings to manage incremental builds to internal and external customers.

For this role the task was to take on an existing automation framework based on the page object model using
Xunit and C# selenium. The framework was enhanced considerably with several helper methods and made use of for example fluent assertions, methods for capturing the browser console logs and screen shots. Experience was also gained of Azure DevOps, pipelines and git as well as using helper API methods to seed databases as part of the arrange part of the Xunit test.
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FiservOctober 2017 - October 2018

Fiserv produce software products for monitoring online fraud for major financial customers.
The role with Fiserv involved working in an agile team to test the porting of a Silverlight application to Angular
HTML5. The application under test consisted of an Angular web application with connectivity to a team city repository. Builds were deployed with Octopus and nightly deployments were deployed to VPCs hosted in Azure.

Testing mainly consisted of creating Selenium test scripts using and expanding the in-house test framework.
Testing also involved querying the team city repository for the structure of the saved data. The angular application made use of the Microsoft Monaco Editor for editing calculations within a browser. This was challenging from an automation perspective but achieved for verifying error handling, IntelliSense and hover functionality.
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Sopra Steria LSRCMarch 2017 - October 2017

The LSRC stands for the land systems reference centre and is the armed forces testing facility for communications systems testing. Testing carried out is predominately network performance testing using advanced tools from Riverbed and trilogy to apply impairments for bandwidth, latency and packet loss to simulate poor network conditions often experienced in battlefield conditions. Tasks while at the LSRC included managing a small team of engineers to see if automation could be used in conjunction with capturing network traffic. Eggplant was used as the automation tool for ease of use and speed. The role also involved creating network diagrams as well as configuration of the networks using cisco switches, Lan extenders and fiber optic cabling.
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EONSeptember 2016 - December 2016

Work carried out for EON was to work with the test consultancies Technical Director to produce an automation proof of concept for a WPF application that was used to provision smart meters.

C# White was used in conjunction with the Axe test framework. The test framework needed custom configuration to connect to Oracle databases as well as additional methods for validating the wpf controls.
Source control was managed with TFS and test case management was with HP ALM.
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SDETJanuary 2016 - August 2016

The Thames Valley and Hampshire Police project was a contact and incident management solution based on
the on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution allows collaboration between Thames Valley
and Hampshire constabulary. The Microsoft CRM solution required numerous integrations with existing 3rd
party systems.
The role on this project was to produce c# specflow automation to test integrations with a variety of data
sources. Construction and content of the JSON messages was tested together with the creation of several
helper methods for example Linq to SQL methods to validate the underlying CRM data entity model and
helpers to read csv content. MS test was used as the test framework for this project.
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GB GroupJune 2015 - December 2015

The GB Group Verify projects main aims were to deliver web portals and back end components to support to identify providers Royal Mail and Citizen Safe which in turn feed into the Government Digital Service. This allows a user a single sign on to log onto DVLA, HRMC and other government sites.
The role on this project was to use Odin's Axe automation test framework to produce Selenium C# scripts for testing of the portal. Cross browser automation was also incorporated using BrowserStack. Several custom methods were added to the framework to cater for stub connectivity that simulated Call Credit and Equifax systems.
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MicrosoftApril 2010 - June 2015

The Nationwide project was a key project for Microsoft and Nationwide and involved integration with existing
Unisys and SAP systems using Biztalk to manage the routing of payments to the different systems. Later in the project the 7day switch system was also developed for Nationwide which involved the use of AppFabric.

The role involved testing of payment flows and construction of messages and validation of the payments system when different types of responses were sent back for example insufficient funds, time outs and invalid responses.

During time on this project I used PowerShell to create a test runner which ran several thousand automated tests overnight. I produced several other PowerShell scripts for helper functions used for example for CSV creation and flat format file manipulation. I also managed a team of 6 testers using both onshore and offshore resources and have been involved in production support on site at Nationwide.

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