Mircea G.

QA Engineer

535 dollar
18 ans
Timisoara, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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Integrate, configure and test AUTOSAR, non-AUTOSAR and 3rd party

software modules according to customer requirements and specific HW needs

- Configure software components (BMW Autosar Core - BAC modules),

AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) and AUTOSAR Runtime Environment (RTE)

with AUTOSAR tool chains (CESSAR-CT) in accordance with the project


- Discuss and clarify Software-Requirements with the customer and other team


- Debug, analyse and fix integration problems

- Perform the integration in a continuous integration environment (Jenkins)

- Perform all the integration, debug and test activities according to planned

milestone and deliveries

- Consultation with BSW modules owner regarding integration issues

- Examination whether the results fulfil the requirements 
- Technical support of customers by phone, email or on-site

- Perform testing of integrated software, for every release, using BMW

toolchain :

FlashAbsicherungsTool (FAT), Diagnosis Master Test (DM), Diagnosis System

Test (DS)

- Monitor and fix all the issues which occur during FAT, DM, DS execution

(when a new release is performed, a new ODX is integrated, new versions of

BSW/SWC modules are integrated)

- Synchronise with project manager, report daily current status and provide

consultation regarding technical questions

- Analyse and provide solutions to customer reported bugs

- Investigate and fix all the problems which occur during software Flashing and

Coding with BMW tool Esys

- Check hardware-software interactions for problems being reported

Used tools : BAC(BMW Autosar Core) Modules, Flash Absicherung Tool

(FAT), ECU-TEST RUNTIME BMW (version 5.2), EDIABAS, Esys Flashing

Tool, Diagnostic Master Test, Diagnostic System Test, CESSAR-CT

(Configuration/Development Tooling for ECU/BSW), CATCH (Continental

Automotive ToolChain), Understand for C, Lauterbach Trace32, iSYSTEM

winIDEA, Vector CANoe, CAN/Ethernet/Flex Ray bus systems
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Freelancer : Function Responsible/Software Developer/Integrator -
BR205 Head Up Display

Function Responsible for Error Management and Diagnosis Services
- Organize and participate in the documentation process of the requirements in

the Software Requirements Specification

- Define the structure of the Requirements Documents

- Define the Requirements Tracing Concept, Requirements Metrics and

Requirements Change Process, monitor the Requirements Traceability

- Manage and participate in activities (Reviews, Workshops) to identify

Requirements inconsistencies

- Check the implemented changes of requirements in software

Software Developer for Error Management, Diagnosis Services and Display

Control Logic modules

- Perform software development in C programming language

- Create after analysis, the design of the SW modules

- Participate in the software interface design

- Implement the SW modules

- Check the implemented features in the Implementation Check List

- Debug the implemented SW modules

- Add the module documents to the project documentation repository

- Regularly inform the Software Project Manager about the status of my work

Software Integrator

- Configure and distribute the development environment to the developers

- Integrate the software system consisting of modules and/or subsystems

- Measure system performance and workload

- Cooperate with the System Designer

- Support project management regarding technical questions, problem solving

between HW and SW

- Involved in creating and maintaining the software system design for

interactions between SW and HW, help in selecting the appropriate hardware

- Detect weaknesses and bring improvements for the environment

- Participate to ASPICE assessment - level 3 reached

Used tools : Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Green Hills MULTI 2000 debugger

+ MINICUBE QB-V850 MINI, BSKD, FHostSp, Vector CANoe, Vector Geny

AUTOSAR Framework, Vector MICROSAR SIP, Vector CANdelaStudio,

Modification Request Database (MR-DB), PVCS, XML Trace System
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CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE GMBHDecember 2010 - October 2011

Software Test Automation Engineer in Powertrain Division, Hybrid Business

Unit on Audi (SH0, SH2, SH3 and SH4) and Daimler (W222) projects.
- Perform Software testing using Test Automation Environment (dSpace

Control Desk, Test Manager, INCA, Trace32, DTS, Altova Authentic,

Canalyzer, XML Configuration Files)

- Develop and update the HIL (dSPACE) plant model according to project


- Develop and execute test automation scripts.

- Create and maintain test plans and test cases.

- Detect, report and track defects in software.

- Work closely with Software Developers to gather, document, and test against

project requirements, ensuring they are met and delivered.

- Pro-actively identify improvements opportunities for existing systems.

Other used tools : MKS Integrity Client (versioning for tests and test

automation environment files), DOORS (SW requirements).
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ALCATEL-LUCENTJune 2009 - November 2010

Perform development in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL (Toad, PLSQL Developer, SQL


- Perform development and testing in provisioning tool : AXIOSS (ASI, O2S,

SAFE) for EIRCOM project; working 6 months in Maidenhead, UK

- Perform development and testing in provisioning tool : CRAMER


ENGINE) for TELENET project, working 1 month in Antwerp, Belgium

- Perform integration and deployment of new releases on the testing


Other used tools : Bea Weblogic Server, TortoiseSVN, HP Quality Center
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CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE TimisoaraJuly 2004 - June 2009

- Develop and Integrate Siemens Security Access in Sphinx Revival for PO0
Project - developed in C programming language

- Software Support in Powertrain Department for automotive specific

tools: Hardware in the Loop - LabCar (www.etasgroup.com) and dSpace

(www.dspace.com), IMES (Change Request System), Limas (The Library

Management System), ADD (Automotive Data Dictionary), INCA (Integrated

Calibration and Acquisition System), Trace32 (In Circuit Debugger),

CANalyzer (Controller Area Network Analyzer), CartsLite, Remedy Action

Request System.

- Develop Hardware in the Loop (HIL) project specific Simulink Models.

Perform simulation, testing and validation of the models on HIL devices

(LabCar and dSpace)

- Installation and configuration of HIL devices

- Providing and adapting the project specific Simulink models, wirring harness,

handling, support the ordering process of new HIL systems.

- Trainer for HIL topics - LabCar and dSpace, hardware and software.

- Test and validate new software releases of the tools.

- Keep up to date the supported testbench tools related information and inform

the users about this.

- Regular synchronization meetings with the business partners from other


- Interface with Service Desk department.

- Interface with HIL providers.
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SIEMENS VDO AUTOMOTIVEOctober 2007 - June 2009

Teaching Mathematics at Siemens Technical Academy (STA) in Timisoara.

STA offers a two-year training program for gifted high graduates interested in
technical para-engineering careers. Graduates of this program receive the

degree of Associate Engineer, which are comparable to international college

degrees. The program of study fully integrates theoretical course work with

practical application in industry. The program started first in Germany (http://
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Politehnica University of TimisoaraFebruary 2005 - September 2008

- Teaching Assistant at Automation and Computers

Faculty, Automation and Applied Informatics Department
- Preparing the laboratory part, performing the exercises with

students and evaluate them at the end of semester regarding

practical part of the course.

- Coordinating Professor : Radu Emil Precup


Mes compétences

TortoiseSVN, Test Planning, Test Manager, Test Cases, Technical Support, Software testing, Simulink, PVCS, Problem Solving, PLSQL Developer, Oracle PL/SQL, Flex, Ethernet, Debugging, Continuous Integration, CANoe, CANalyzer, CAN, C/C++, C++, AUTOSAR, Mercury Quality Center, XML, SQL, Matlab, dSpace