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CitibanamexJanuary 2010 - January 2020

Accountable for generating and consolidating the information for the KPIs of 300 relationship managers (RMs), 80 branches, in 5 divisions, and elaborating and managing the budget for Wealth Management (WM). Reporting to the Vice-President of FP&A, leading a team of 2 direct reports.
● Reduced the delivery time by 80% by creating and automating a personalized report for each of the 300 RMs and 80 branches through VBA programming. Today this is the most complete management tool for the sales force.
● Implemented the main performance tracking report for WM for all the country with Excel advanced formulas and VBA, summarizing 100% of the KPI’s of the business and reducing its elaboration time from 5 to 2 days.
● Developed in 3 days a forecasting model for the growth of the Assets under Management (AUM) and the revenues for WM in the next 4 years, eliminating an observation of Citigroup NY during the process called Franchise Review.
● Elaborated the model for the business budget of WM in 1 day at a client level with a monthly follow-up for a period of 3 years, improving the level of certainty from 80% to 95%.
● Analyzed and corrected the annual revenue growth target, using historical data of the past 5 years, business and macroeconomic variables, increasing WM revenue by 3%.
● Redesigned and improved a weekly report reducing the time of preparation by 90% (from 8 hours to 1), with advanced Excel formulas and VBA.
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CitibanamexJanuary 2006 - January 2010

Accountable for the elaboration of the Annual Budget of the main sales channel: Branches’ sales, and the performance tracking trough weekly and monthly executive reports. Participation in various projects of the areas of Risk Management and the Actuarial area, reporting to the Vice president of FP&A with 2 direct reports.
● Generated in 2 days a weekly report for the CEO of Citibanamex Insurance, contributing to an increase in revenue of 5% by emphasizing areas of improvement.
● Designed an executive dashboard which was used by the CEO in a monthly committee in Citigroup NY, saving up to 2 days of work.
● Performed a study based on probability distributions, time series, and Montecarlo simulations, determining the probability of compliance targets, contributing to an expense reduction of 3%.
● Implemented an analysis to determine the profitability of each product and sales channel, identifying the non-profitable products and saving 2% in expenses.
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CitibanamexJanuary 2003 - January 2006

Accountable for conducting studies, analysis and research to follow-up on the KPI’s of the insurance company, reporting to the Financial Director.
● Generated the official reports of monthly results to Citiinsurance NY by consolidating close to 200 Excel files.
● Designed a market competitor analysis report with data of the top 5 insurance companies in Mexico, pointing to opportunity areas for Citibanamex Insurance.
● Successfully covered the position of Responsible of Credit Risk for a period of 6 months.
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HSBC Private BankMay 1999 - June 2002

• Trading of Institutional Investments: Pension funds, savings funds, trusts. Portfolio value of 100 million USD.
• Client advisor for investments decisions based on a wide knowledge of national and foreign financial markets.
• Meetings and slide shows with possible clients in order to grow the managed portfolio.
• Successful trading of 200 contracts with 30% growth of the portfolio in two years.
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GBM Grupo Bursatil MexicanoOctober 1991 - September 1998

• Issues of financial instruments in the BMV: Stocks (14), debentures, mid term debt, commercial paper (15), warrants.
• Key involvement in corporate projects: Private stock offerings, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions.
• Financial analysis, forecasting, business valuations, prospectus and due diligence.
• 14 IPO’s: Elektra, CIE, Sigma Alimentos, TMM, Cemex, Grupo Bafar, etc.

Mes compétences


SQL, Python


Report Designer, Management, Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Business Analysis, Data analysis, Leadership

Big Data

Data Visualization

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel, MS Office


Database Administration

Business Intelligence

Tableau Software, Business Intelligence

Mes études et formations

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Certification Figure 3: Investment Strategies Advisor, Stock Finance - AMIB Mexican Association of Stock Market Intermediaries2015 - 2015

Master of Business Administration - MBA, Corporate Finance - ITAM1993 - 1995

Faculty of Sciences, Actuary, Mathematics, Finance, Insurance - UNAM1988 - 1991